3 Tips for Brides-to-Be to Flaunt a Royal Look on D-Day

Choosing a bridal attire that brings out the princess in you can be overwhelming, especially when you have other pressing wedding-related tasks to manage alongside. Furthermore, rendering a royal flair to your bridal attire can upset your wedding budget. A new survey revealed that the average American bride-to-be is looking to spend no more than $998 on her wedding attire. Yet, the average amount spent on wedding gowns is $1564.

The huge variety of bridal collections in the market and the pressure of looking your best on this important day can result in a hurried decision that may or may not be in your best interest. To ensure that you spend your money wisely, it’s important to consider the latest trends that can make your bridal ensemble look regal.

Read on to find valuable tips on flaunting a royal look on your wedding day and enchanting your loved ones.

  1. Do Your Research

Going through bridal magazines and top fashion blogs will help you find the latest fashion trends, so you can tailor the look to suit your personality.

If you are having an American or British-style church wedding, it is appropriate to wear a gown for your nuptials. For ideas, browse through wedding blogs, explore Pinterest and online bridal boutiques, or check out what your favorite celebrity wore/is wearing for her wedding.

What do you like about the bride’s gown? How many accessories is the bride wearing? What’s her color palette? Observe the bridal attire options minutely and note down the aspects that you want to include for a grand look. For instance, a long-train gown with a veil and tiara complemented by designer jewelry is a hot trend amongst the aristocracy.   

Similarly, if you are having an ethnic-Indian theme wedding, you can infuse stateliness through elaborate embroideries, regal brocade work, traditional anarkalis, shararas, or lehengas, and classic Indian wedding jewelry. Top this look with a statement silk dupatta to add a hint of demureness, bringing out the dainty Indian princess in you.

Before you hit the market, set a budget and research well to find a bridal outfit that defines you. This exercise will not only reduce your stress, but also keep you smiling and beautiful (like all fairy-tale princesses).

  1. Wear Sparkly, Yet Understated Accessories

Accessorising tastefully is important to the royal theme of your wedding attire. Whether you choose a contemporary or an ethnic style, the rule of thumb is to let your bridal attire dictate the type of accessories you will wear. So, if you are wearing a wedding dress with beadwork embellishments around your neckline, do not wear a necklace. Instead, balance the look with a statement pair of earrings to be the most resplendent bride ever.

Furthermore, it is important to match your accessories and metals with your dress color. Choose pure white gloves and a net hat, and silver or platinum designer jewelry to match a white wedding gown. Gold or rose gold trinkets, on the other hand, will connote grandeur when paired with a red lehenga.

When it comes to accessories, less is more. For instance, silk or lace opera gloves, a veil, tiara, earrings, necklace, and a sash have been the formal accessories amongst the royals or celebrity brides-to-be. However, wearing all the accessories together can be downright distracting, taking away your sophisticated look.

Wearing customized jewelry is another way to add a stately touch to your bridal attire and flaunt your personal style. Depending on your preferences, choose elegant bespoke trinkets that make you feel special.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Hair and Makeup

The hairstyle and makeup are important elements of the bridal look. Consult a professional hair stylist who can suggest the best bridal hairdos and accessories, depending on the length of your hair and the theme of the wedding.

For instance, a Boho bride will look magnificent with a flower crown placed on her loose curls. A bride wearing a white gown can add a dash of royalty to her attire by wearing a striking tiara over a chignon or a half-up-half-down hairdo. Similarly, a diamond bridal head chain can add glamour to an Indian bride’s wedding ensemble. Shimmering hair accessories like a brocade hairpin or an embellished hair comb can make brides with lobs, bobs, and pixies look chic and imperial.

Bridal makeup is another factor that deserves a lot of deliberation. Even if you’re tempted to experiment with a new makeup trend on your big day, be wise and select something that suits your personality and elevates your look.

Stay away from overly bright hues as most royal brides do. Choose a makeup style that emphasizes your facial contours, making you look your best even in poor lighting and the emotional moments.

The venue of the wedding is an important factor to consider when deciding on your makeup preferences. For instance, if you are having a beach wedding, go for medium-coverage makeup with dewy highlighter, a hint of bronzer, and nude or pink lips. On the other hand, a wedding in a castle will demand a vintage look with winged-back eyeliner, red lipstick, and bold eyebrows.

All soon-to-be-brides dream of looking like a fairy-tale princess on their wedding day. However, flaunting a royal look doesn’t necessarily mean going over the top with your bridal color palette and accessories. The tips shared above will help you look confidently royal on this important day of your life.

Author Bio : Puja Shah, Co-Founder & Creative head at Aurus, is a qualified jewelry designer from FIT, New York. Thanks to her love for art, she was actively associated with the Metropolitan Museum, New York and the Brooklyn Museum of Art. She’s feminist, who enjoys discovering new culinary delights as much as she loves exploring urban cityscapes.