6 College Fashion Essentials

When you are in college, there’s a lot on your plate. One of the basics, though, is to get dressed and ready for the day. You might even find that wearing the right outfit can make you feel even more ready to take on your classes and assignments.


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To help you to feel and look your best, we’re here to teach you the basics. In this article, we are going to look at 6 of the fashion essentials you need for your college career.

  1. Jeans

A timeless choice for your closet is a few good pairs of jeans. These are great for an everyday look and all you really have to do is roll out of bed and throw them on.

Buying a single pair of jeans won’t do, though. You should invest in a few different pairs of jeans – 3 to 5 pairs is usually best. You might want to get a mixture of plain denim and styled jeans. However, don’t blow your whole budget on styled jeans. The great things about jeans is that they can last you a while but if you load up on only styled jeans – like distressed jeans or acid wash – you might find your wardrobe going out of style quickly. A plain pair of jeans, though, will probably stay in style for their entire lifespan.

  1. Leggings

One thing that can’t be overlooked is comfort. Even better, though, is comfort that looks stylish as well. That’s why for your college wardrobe you need to make sure you have a few pairs of leggings on hand.

These can be paired with almost anything – from dresses and skirts to long sweaters. The best choice you can make is to pick up a few pairs of black leggings since this color is the most versatile and easiest to match.

  1. Business Clothes

When you head off to college, it is best to bring at least one staple professional outfit like a nice dress or business suit. As you move on in your college career, it’s best to gather more professional clothes but it’s essential to have at least one around.

The reason for this is because college is the beginning of your professional career. You will be given the chance to apply for jobs, complete internships, and attend other career-building opportunities. For these, you will want to look nice.

  1. Hats

A hat can be a life saver in college. For one, it makes a great accessory to almost any outfit. However, it also has a practical use.

It is doubtless that at some point in your college career you will wake up late for class. In those moments, you aren’t going to have time to do your hair before you run to class. You can avoid showing up with bedhead with a hat, though.

  1. An Outfit For a “Night Out”

When you’re in college, classes and work aren’t the only things that you’ll be doing. Odds are, you and the new friends you make will likely find yourself on a night out or two whether that be a club night or a party. For these nights, you will want a cute outfit. This could be whatever you want it to be – a dress, a mini skirt and crop top, or even a pair of heels with your cutest jeans.

  1. A Good Bag

As we have already covered, some of your fashion staples for college double with a practical use. Nothing is quite as useful as having a nice bag, though. For the most part, you will probably use this for textbooks, notebooks, and your laptop. Just because you are buying it for practicality doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t choose a bag that’s fashionable as well.