7 Wig Styling Tips You Should Try Now

Your human hair lace wigs should be properly styled in order to get the most out of it. Although you have bought one, the second most important thing is to prepare it for the perfect look. Have you noticed how well others wear their wigs without others noticing? This is due to their proper styling techniques. Remember, once you have bought your new lace front wigs, you have to take care of it like what you do with your real hair.

Cutting Bangs Into a Wig

Are you interested into adding a different touch to your wig? Have you lost hope sporting your own bangs? Then, you could make it a reality with a wig. The biggest tip you should consider in cutting bangs into a wig is to avoid cutting it too short. Remember, the wig is not proportioned like your hair.

Primarily, you have to comb the desired amount of bangs you will cut. Divide the wig into four sections. Afterwards, pinch every division of the hair. Make sure to cut longer than necessary since you will be pulling the strands while shortening them. As a guide, you may cut the hair at the middle of your eye or half an inch below your eyebrow.

If you will use a scissor, guarantee that it is very sharp. Otherwise, you should ensure that your razor will not cut the bangs all at once.

Reset Your Wig With Curls

Many would want to experience having curly hair even for once, especially those who were born with naturally straight hair. However, before you even curl your wig, take note that not all synthetic wigs are meant for curling or heat-assisted styling. The styling tip is highly recommended only for those with human hair wig.

One tool that could curl your wig is electric hot rollers. These rollers must at least be coated with velvet.  Begin by combing every section of your hair. Afterwards, roll the hair. Let the hair strands set before removing the rollers.

The easier way is to use a curler. Human hair wigs are resistant to constant styling, which is why there is no problem using one. You could try setting the curler at a considerable heat for temperature regulation.

Straightening Curls of Your Wig

Straightening your wig is very easy. And there are various options to consider. Beforehand, it is ideal to de-tangle your hair. Comb or brush it prior to the straightening process.

The first way of straightening your hair is with the use of hot water.  Use boiled water from 160 to 180 degrees Celsius. This is the sufficient temperature that will straighten the hair and prevent it from melting. Then, you pour it over the wig.

Apart from conventional hot water, you may use a hair dryer for extreme effects. Blow dry your existing hair in sections. If you do not have a blow dryer, use a straightener. Simply set it between 160 to 180 degrees Celsius for safety.

Adding Volume to Your Wig

There are women, or even men, who prefer a voluminous look for their wig. This could be done with a mousse solution. There are products available today that are free from alcohol while ensuring superior body control to your wig. All-natural styling mousse is often added with plant extracts for added shine and protection. Simply apply as instructed for better results.

Level Up With Braids

By observing care, you may also braid your wigs when you want to. Similar to real hair, it could also be tied in knots. However, make sure that the wigs you will twist and tie are strong enough. There are cheaper types of wigs whose fibers may break when braided, especially when done tightly.

Care and Maintenance Are Paramount

Your lace front wigs, particularly if these are made out of real human hair, must be taken care of and maintained. By doing so, you will keep it healthy, shiny, and appealing.  There are too many ways of sustaining the quality of your wigs, which are crucial to make your styling strategies more effective. You could begin with the use of special brushes for wigs. Regular brushes may cause frizz, breakage, or split ends to your wigs.

Alternatively, if you have a regular brush, ensure that it has tips coated with rubber prior to usage. If you are not sure with the quality of your brush, compensate for a wig brush available in beauty stores online and locally.

Apart from brush, you should also prevent using gels or hairspray that contains too many chemicals. Due to advancement in formulating eco-friendly products, you have ways of buying an all-natural hair styling formulas.

If you are using synthetic wigs, do not use styling tools, such as straighteners, curlers, or even blow dryers. Remember, synthetic wigs have less resistance against excess heat unlike human hair wig.

Getting Professional Help

Leaving the work to an expert could be a good choice as well. A regular stylist will know what to do with your human hair wig depending on your preferences. You could simply give him or her pictures or guidelines on what to do with the wig. He or she may even find it easier to customize the wigs based on your existing hair. Professionals know to give a very natural look even while wearing a wig.

Given the styling tips for your lace wigs, you have different options to sport a different look every now and then. It is all about care so you could get the best out of the wig.