Finding the Perfect Wedding Gift for the Couple in your Life

Everyone loves a wedding. It’s a great time to celebrate love with those nearest and dearest to us, meet some new people, dance a bit and maybe even get acquainted with an open bar. But sometimes these celebrations of love and devotion bring about a nagging sensation of dread. “What am I going to get them as a gift?” you might find yourself asking as soon as you open that invite.

And that’s a doozy of a question. After all, you’re likely not going to be the only guest in attendance. So you want your gift to be unique, nothing like what everybody else is giving the happy couple. It should be memorable (think diamond jewelry), just like the wedding itself, because this is a big deal! That sounds like one tall order to fill, but don’t fret.

For the couple that is missing something…

If the couple in question has a wedding registry, that is always a great place to start. You can roughly see what their tastes are and what they need, and many times you will have the option to go off-registry with your gifts.

(However, please ask them if it’s acceptable to go off-script for the gift! Not every couple is okay with this, at least not unexpectedly.)

Most wedding registry gifts are practical items that will serve them well in their day-to-day lives. If this is the approach that you’re taking, consider buying an item based off of the registry, but with more style! Get them something that they’ll be glad to use, but also offers its own personal flair, like kitschy kitchen accessories or a small appliance in a vibrant color.

For the couple that has everything…

Sometimes, it is seriously (almost) impossible to figure out what to get the couple that seems to have it all. That’s when the question changes from “what do they need?” to “what do they love?”

Does the lucky couple love to travel? A new luggage set could be the perfect touch for their jet-setting adventures! Do they love making food as much as they love eating it? A pots and pans set that’s fit for a chef would be the highlight of their kitchen! Do they spend all year working hard toward their goals? A certificate to a spa day would melt the tension right out of their tired muscles.

For a tastefully personalized touch…

Personalized gifts are always “in,” whether we’re talking about embroidery, engraving or printing. These gifts show that you have spent time and thought on having it made with the special couple in mind. Almost anything can be personalized these days! A framed photograph with a special quote on it, a set of customized robes or towels or a special trinket with their names and wedding date engraved on its surface could be the perfect statement-maker in their marital home.

Getting a wedding gift doesn’t have to be ordinary and it certainly doesn’t have to be boring. If you think about what they need, what they already have, and what they adore, the perfect gift will find you in no time.