Wedding Fashion Tips for Men

The dress code at the wedding celebration is an integral part of the overall concept, which should be adhered to by all invited. We’ll talk about how the male guests should correctly choose accessories and make their image stylish and holistic, and most importantly –  appropriate to the theme of the celebration, in this article.


The most important thing that you should pay attention to when choosing a hairstyle is naturalness and neatness. It is desirable that the hair is well laid, but it is not necessary to use a lot of styling aids. In most cities, there are barber shops, where professionals can make a stylish styling in a short time period, which is especially relevant on the day of the wedding. In the case that the grooming is performed by the man himself, it is important for him to remember about moderation.


There are much more models and styles of costumes than you might think, so creating an image begins with the choice of style. The wedding organizers note that “men invited to the wedding usually come in a two-piece suit.” Particular attention should be paid to the quality and texture of the fabric from which the suit is sewn. Cheap fabric will ruin the look of even the most stylish costume. So that you are not afraid of your movements and feel comfortable, the fabric from which the suit is made should not be crumpled, it may be a fabric with the addition of synthetics. It’s best if the costume fabric does not reflect the glare in the sun, so always choose a matte texture to avoid misunderstandings in the photos.


Any image consists of details: small and large, but equally important. First of all, it is necessary to take care of shoes, which will be responsible for comfort in such a long and busy day. A representative of the famous wedding agency accentuates attention to the fact that “classic black or dark brown shoes will fit a strict blue suit, as they perfectly match the color of the outfit. If you want to look more extravagant, you can pick up burgundy shades, it will create an interesting contrast. The gray suit is more formal, but not so strict as blue, you can choose black, brown, white shoes or give preference to brighter colors – blue and purple. It is important that in the suit there is one more detail of this shade, for example, a tie or shirt”


Cufflinks and boutonniere are no less important details. Cufflinks, according to etiquette, are selected under the clock, the rim of the glasses. If they are not made from one material, then, at least, they should be harmonized in color and texture. This will give your image a special gloss. If the cufflinks are made by order, then their design may include thematic elements, such as a monogram or engraving.

Stylish combination

“When choosing an image for the guests, I would not be guided by fashion trends, as they are fleeting. Photos from the wedding celebration will remain with you for life, and after some time, the image picked up “in fashion” can look comical. I recommend giving preference to the classics because it is timeless and suitable for absolutely any type of men, ” commented stylist Mary Watson.

“Concerning the choice of the costume and fabric style – many experts of the event and fashion industry recommend to orient on the style of the wedding – and this is certainly the right decision. But, another important factor in choosing a style is the interior of the hall, where the celebration will take place. The palace of marriage or the shore of the forest lake, a restaurant in the strict style or a buffet table outdoors, that’s what you should pay attention to. “

All the girls (especially Ukraine women) adore the stylish man, so don’t miss an opportunity to be one of them.