1 Piece 3 Ways

Hey my beautiful ladies! I am sure that one of the deciding factors for you when purchasing a new piece of clothing for your wardrobe is: “Will you be able to wear this piece at least 3 different ways?

In this post which is called 1 Piece 3 Ways you can see how Alba, the fashion blogger from the fashion blog Petit & Sweet Couture, combines her favorite pieces of clothing on many different ways.

Alba is from Galicia (Spain). She studied Industrial Design engineering and product development. Alba doesn’t have a defined style, and often says that is a little bit eclectic. She wears what she likes and she thinks that fits her best, she’s not a fashion victim who buys everything that comes out every season.

In the pictures below you can find 5 different pieces which are a must-have for this season, burgundy leather skirt, mustard sweater, burgundy fluffy sweater, burgundy cable knit sweater and burgundy skinny jeans that she has wore on 3 different ways. Look at the pictures below and enjoy. I hope that now you have an idea how to wear you favorite piece of clothing at least on 3 different ways.

Burgundy Leather Skirt

Mustard Sweater

Burgundy Fluffy Sweater

Burgundy Cable Knit Sweater

Burgundy Skinny Jeans