15 Spring-Inspired Outfits By Annabelle Fleur

Hey there fashionistas! Spring is finally here, and it surely deserves loads of posts dedicated to it and to the amazing sprig fashion choices. It’s a lovely season that brings along the beautiful sunshine and the warm breezes, so ladies it’s time to take out the lighter clothing pieces and leave behind the winter ones. I couldn’t be more happy about the end of winter, cause I hate freezing temperatures. Viva Luxury always keeps you up-do-date with the latest fashions and we are here to share with you our favorite ones for the season. Take a look at 15 Spring-Inspired Outfits By Annabelle Fleur.

She always has wanted to start a fashion blog, and she worked hard to accomplish the long-time dream of hers. Annabelle is obsessed with fashion, and she hopes that she can reach and inspire people who share her obsession, and who dream just like her. Girls from all around the world follow her blog, cause you can spot every detail with the impressive detail shots. There are chic and polished looks for almost every occasion, so I’m sure there would be something for anyone. Check out our favorite outfits, and tell us what do you think. Scroll down and enjoy!


The pastel pinks are among one of the most preferred colors during the spring months. Annabelle had out them in combination with animal printed shoes for a stylish look. How do you like this combo?


The yellow color is the color that is going to be popular during the spring months as well. Get at least one yellow clothing piece and create some pretty amazing looks.




If you want to appear sophisticated black and white are always the right colors to achieve the look. This is a fabulous outfit that will turn heads! Annabelle’s outfit ideas are going to put you in the center of attention!




The outstanding spring little dresses are my favorite piece of clothing. They are easy to style and can give you a fashionable look effortlessly.




You can look chic and casual with the help of the distressed jeans. Team them with a plan white T-shirt and a denim shirt for a wow effect. If you can still feel the chill in the air, the trench coat is a great choice that will keep you warm.