15 Ways to Wear a Colorful Coat This Season

Hey my beautiful ladies! When buying a new winter outwear, we often choose neutral colors and shades that are easily combined and are adjustable for different occasions. For example, a black winter coat is versatile: you can wear it to work or going out, and it goes with everything. But everyone knows that – so wearing one means you’ll be lost in a sea of black coat wearers. So, this season we’re starting to rethink the idea that a coat always has to be neutral.

When it comes to choosing a winter coat, a colorful option can add a much-needed dose of life to a winter wardrobe full of gray, black and white. Green, blue, pink, orange, whatever your color, go ahead and wear it this winter! You would be surprised to find how incredibly easy it is to wear a colorful coat. Shrug it on over a neutral outfit, or strike a bold look with clashing colors. Colorful coats are great for making a statement, and the right coat can last you year in and year out.

Think you can’t pull off a colorful coat? Think again. Check out the pictures below to see how fashion bloggers around the world wear their coats in red, pale pink, royal blue, green and purple, proving that a statement bright looks as good in January as in June.

This coats color is great because it isn’t too bright and green goes perfectly with the winter time. You could pretty much wear this over almost anything.

Pink is also another color that I do love for winter. It just makes you happier to put on a pink coat rather than a sad grey one.

15 Ways to Wear a Colorful Coat This Season

Photo via: islandchic77.com

I have been seeing a lot of this pastel blue coming up for winter and I think it is absolutely perfect. It’s a great alternative for a white coat and it won’t get as dirty.

I mean who doesn’t love red? It is such a great statement color without being too aggressive. I think everyone should own a coat in red because it is a great way to heat up the winter and make things a little more exciting.

Let us know in a comments below which of these 15 ways to wear a colourful coat this season are your favorite, and will you be buying a colored coat this winter? Thank you for reading! Enjoy in the rest of your day and stay up for more next time!