2015 Fashion Trends To Look Out For

After a hectic year of fashion week, with hundreds of shows taking place across four cities, the picture is becoming clear on what will be in trend in 2015. Vogue, the globally recognised fashion magazine has compiled a list of the most popular looks from the years’ shows as they try to predict the trends of next year.


So take a seat, and catch up on exactly what’s happened in New York, London, Paris and Milan this year. Whether you’re looking to get ahead of the crowd and adopt these trends early or just for direction on what to add to your wardrobe over the Winter, you’ll find everything you need to know right here.


As is often the case, the trends took influence from a certain generation of the past. This time it was the 1970’s that got a rework from the world­-renowned designers showcasing their work at the fashion week shows across the globe.


One particular trend was the bohemian style with long floral dresses that will stand out at any occasion. A simpler version will be a perfect addition to any festival in summer 2015. Another throwback to the 70’s was the trouser suit, which many will be hoping was a cruel joke. With the likes of Chanel and Celine featuring their own versions it appears the trend appears to be on the rise, thankfully the shoulder pads aren’t coming back with it… for now.


One of our favourite trends was the Gingham prints spotted on both sides of the Atlantic. The prints have a steep history in American barn dance and were worn frequently by the iconic 60’s model Brigitte Bardot ­who even wore a gingham print wedding dress for her big day. Whilst they’ve been a go to style for men’s workwear shirts over the years, the print has been neglected by womenswear designers for quite a while now.


With 70’s style playing a major part of the latest trends it’s no surprise that suede has made a comeback. This year they’ve been used for trench coats, skirts and as small details to give pieces a signature look. As well as Suede, Denim was also being used in imaginative ways having been featured on jumpsuits, dresses and coats!


One last trend was flowers, a trend that has been around for years now and look set to stay. Some upcoming designers have made their name of their floral looks for a few years now including London designer Rakel Blom whose pieces are available at LastaShop.com. The overall trend is pointing towards an early 70’s festival girl with floral dresses, cut denim shorts and relaxed outerwear pieces.