3 Super Easy Ways To Make A Glam Curls

Luxurious curls have always been the hairstyle that women adore. British hair stylist Darren Ambrose revealed us some cheap and simple tricks with which you can achieve this glam look that looks casual and chic at the same time.

1. Curls using the dryer

Attach the wet hair with a rubber band or bobby pins to the scalp, so you would not be disturbed while you wrap the strands around the brush at the bottom of the hair. Begin to wrap the strand by strand to the back of the head. When you finished with that, release the next few strands and continue curl them until all hair is done. Screw the larger clumps to get bigger and fluttery curls. Do not attempt to wrap the strands to the hair roots, to have beautiful curls with natural decline.

2. Curls with the help of flat iron

Divide the hair into sections ( you need to secure most of the hair to the top of the head as in the previous proposal). Wrap each section around the heated iron. Twist the sections to the inner part of the head. When iron reaches the top of the hair, hold it a minute or two to strengthen the hair.

3. Tiny curls a la afro with the help of curling iron

Avoid metal curlers because they will damage your hair. Big plastic and rubbery models of curling iron will not damage the hair roots, but you will spend more time curling the hair because the curls need a little longer time to be done well.

Find the way that works for you and you can have beautiful glam curls whenever you like!

3 Super Easy Ways To Make A Glam Curls

Photo via: hji.co.uk

3 Super Easy Ways To Make A Glam Curls

Photo via: stylebistro.com

3 Super Easy Ways To Make A Glam Curls

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