4 Gifts Your Partner Will Actually Use (And Love So Much) 

The last thing you want is for your partner to take the present you’re giving them and to just throw it to the side. You want to give your partner something that they’ll actually use and appreciate, something that reminds them of you and makes them smile every time they think about how thoughtful you were in getting it for them. Sure, flowers and jewelry are nice, but is there nothing better you can think of? 

If you know your partner well, there are countless things you can get them. The present can either be tools that will help with their hobbies, or something useful that will make their life a little bit easier. Think about it – if your partner likes to cook, why shouldn’t you give them a cool new kitchen gadget? 

Check out these great gifts for your partner that will actually be used, from costly gifts to thoughtful items you can pick up at your nearest grocery store.

A Luxury Leather Wallet 

Everyone needs something to carry their cards and their cash, and one of the most useful things you can get your partner is a high-quality wallet. The good thing about leather is that it will last them years with the right care, and the only thing better than your photo in their wallet is that the whole wallet reminds them of you! 

4 Gifts Your Partner Will Actually Use (And Love So Much) 

You don’t have to get them any old wallet though. There are all sorts of exotic leather wallets available online, from alligator wallets to ones made out of stingrays. You can find styles made especially for men, or even unisex styles that work for everyone. 

If you want to urge them to take care of it too, get them some leather care supplies with the wallet and remind them not to get it wet! 

Art Supplies 

Almost everyone is either interested in or wants to start making some kind of art. You can encourage your partner’s interests by getting them the supplies they need to get started. The supplies you buy mainly depend on the kind of art they’re interested in. for example, if they’re interested in learning how to sketch, you can get them some high-quality sketching pencils and a drawing pad. If they’re interested in sculpting, art supplies would look like some clay and molding tools. The acrylic or oil painter would need a beginner’s set of paint and colors as well as some canvas board, varnish for the finished paintings, and a set of brushes. 

Granted, this present will require a lot of research on your part, but isn’t it worth encouraging your partner’s passions and interests? 

4 Gifts Your Partner Will Actually Use (And Love So Much) 

Coffee Maker 

There are those who can’t do without their everyday run of coffee, and then there are people who like to experiment with all kinds of coffee formulas on their own and develop special recipes that would beat a store-bought latte any day. 

If you’re with a coffee enthusiast by any chance, getting them an upgrade on their coffee maker will be well worth the investment. Be careful to educate yourself about the different kinds of features certain coffee makers offer, and which ones your partner prefers. If you can, try to find out if they already have a newer model on their wishlist. 

Nothing will make them happier than being able to up their coffee game! 

E-book Reader 

This one is for all the reading enthusiasts out there – an e-book reader is probably one of the best things you can get your partner who loves to get lost in the world of books. With the latest e-book readers offering features like a battery that lasts weeks, the ability to store up to a thousand books, no screen glare, and other features specially built to make sure your reading never stops, your partner will likely fall in love with it. 

A note of caution though – some reading enthusiasts just prefer reading paperback books, in which case all you need to do is take them to a bookstore or present them with a gift card for an online bookstore. We don’t suggest shopping for them in case you accidentally end up buying a book they’ve already read.