4 Ways to Improve Your Summer Fashion

You don’t really know how you feel about your wardrobe until the weather starts changing, especially when it becomes unbearably hot. Suddenly you despise that favorite pair of tight jeans and lament the fact that you simply didn’t realize you never had any cute loose skirts or dresses. The summer brings not only a need for adequate fashion choices but an irksome need to shop for new items and replace the old. Summer fashion doesn’t have to be stressful, however, and here’s how you can make it as carefree as possible. 

  • Get the Most Comfortable Shoes Possible 

Summer is the one time when the right shoe choice is critical, and this doesn’t mean how pretty your new sandals are or which flip flops you should choose. It means comfort. It’s important to remember that your feet will swell and become rather heated and sweaty in summer – it’s inevitable, unfortunately. That means whichever pair of shoes you opt for needs to tailor for that. Which also means that your favorite pair of sandals might look drop-dead gorgeous but may suddenly become painful and irritating when your feet have heated up. Think about it. 

  • Look After Your Skin

Great skin looks good with any outfit, especially during the summer when you’ll be showing more of it. Staying hydrated during the summer is a must for your body and mind as well as for your skin, and ensuring you eat well and take the right vitamins means your skin can look good not only during the summer but all year long! Genuine Liposomal Supplements are a great way to get the right vitamins your skin needs to look and stay healthy. 

  • Go for Linen or Cotton 

These materials will be your best friend during the hot and sticky weather. Linen and cotton are completely breathable materials which will allow you to still feel fresh as the day wears on – and they won’t hold on to unsightly sweat stains, either (because you are going to sweat in the summer months, let’s face it).

So make sure you check which fabric options you’re buying. The majority of high street stores will use heavy or non-breathable polyblends, which simply won’t do. 

  • Use What You Already Have 

With an aptitude for sewing and tailoring and a creative mind when it comes to fashion, anything is possible. You can alter your clothes at home or take them to a professional who can best help you – which will still be cheaper than buying a whole new wardrobe. 

It may be that you have an old pair of jeans you never wear which can easily be cut into a cute pair of shorts for the summer. Maybe you have a maxi skirt you have decided is too heavy and would be perfect as a midi or mini skirt for the hot weather. 

Don’t be so quick to throw out what you have, and see if anything can be done to transform them into the perfect summer outfit.