5 Riveting Presents for a Man’s Man

There’s nothing more challenging than surprising a man with the right kind of gift. Be it your enterprising dad, your stubborn best friend, or a dreamy guy you’re craving to kiss, all the manly figures in your life seem to desire nothing but a golden ticket to the next game. And they always get sold so fast.

A man’s man is a real class act. You can recognize him by a neatly groomed jawline and a business suit that perfectly fits his husky frame. He’s your mom’s Gregory Peck, your aunt’s Don Draper, and your own Ryan Gosling. Such a man insists that he needs no beauty hacks, but boasts a dandy’s starter pack.

With his impeccable devil-may-care style in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 5 riveting presents for you to start checking off.

Something to Play With: Beeropoly

He enjoys going out only if he’s the centre of attention? That must be hard work for him, given the amount of care he puts into looking effortlessly irresistible. Since dressing up tends to eat up too much of his time, your favourite guy chooses to spend his Fridays in the comfort of his own leather couch.

As a result, he ends up alone with a couple of his best friends and a couple of beers for everyone. Why not surprise them all with a game of Beeropoly then? A crossover between Monopoly and Game of Thrones drinking sprees, this exciting and boozy board game is everything he needs for his weekends.

Something to Soften Him Up: Beard Oil

Your guy is somebody that all women want and all men want to be, though you’ll never hear him apologize for who he is. That’s why nobody could force him to tame his lavish patch, not even you. Instead of trying to get him in shape, show your love for his indocile nature and get him some beard oil, and if we may suggest, beard oil by HiLee.

Beard oil is not only a scented addition to a dapper man’s grooming kit. Beard oil is something they all crave, but are too stubborn to ask for. Beard oil is a mark of a weather-beaten sailor, too nonchalant to take care, but too handsome to let it show. It’s how you know a real cat by his whiskers. And if you man isn’t sure how to use his brand new beard oil, send him here.

Something to Look Dashing In: Ray-Bans

If your man takes his notes from movies like A Streetcar Named Desire, On the Waterfront, or The Wild One, chances are he already has a framed Marlon Brando on his wall. A musk cologne probably won’t cut it either – just take a peek into his medicine cabinet, and you’ll find at least two or four.

The idea behind this present is to make him look scrumptious but unapproachable – which is Brando’s own seductive recipe – so that his appearance screams class and ruggedness at the same time. What better way to accomplish this than with a pair of green-lensed aviators to protect him from curious eyes? 

Something to Seduce With: A Spice Kit

Sophisticated looks and indifferent demeanour aside, the signature mark of a man’s man has always been his cooking prowess. He takes special pride in his Cajun chicken pasta, which he sautés wearing nothing but a Superman apron. Sound familiar? Well, it’s one of those charms that no lady can resist.

Sure, he has his basil and curcuma, but does he have that smashing new ingredient to season the evening with? From habanero onion reapers to chipotle salt to pineapple garlic, today’s exquisite commercial culinary scene offers a myriad of exotic spices that no man’s kitchen can afford to lack.

Something to Travel With: A Leather Bag

Of course, all our men are born to run. Some satisfy their nomadic urges by flaunting their pizzazz from uptown to downtown, while others tend to entirely skip the town and buy the cheapest ticket to Mensville. For when it’s time to pack up and flee, both types require a fashionable companion.  

If you’re lucky, he’ll pick you to keep him company. If not, he’ll take his electronic gadgets along for the ride. Either way, he’ll need a stylish bag for his laptop, razors, and books. Give him a leather one, lined with only the sleekest materials and propped up with many pockets, and he just might let you tag along.

Yes, surprising a man with a right kind of a gift is demanding and stressful, but now you finally have what it takes for the next five years. If he’s playful but torpid, he’ll adore Beeropoly. If in his book being classy means being macho, he’ll sport his Ray-Bans like a true rebel. Add some spices and beard oil for him to throw in his bag, and he will be a man’s man that you can be genuinely proud of.