5 Most Romantic Proposal Ideas

Ring hidden in a cheesecake at the end of a romantic dinner, proposal written on a large screen at the football game, or God forbid, a serenade under her window – these are all kind of age-old clichés no one really appreciates anymore, aren’t we right?

Though many describe your wedding day as the first day of the rest of your life, we beg to disagree – proposal is. The way you ask her to marry you is the story she will be telling your friends and loved ones for years to come. With this in mind, don’t you feel like it should worth re-telling over and over again?

If the butterflies in your stomach keep you from thinking straight, continue reading this article and you might just get inspired!


  • Back to where it all started


Whether it’s where the two of you met, or the place you had your very first date – it’s got to awake beautiful memories and feelings from when it was oh-so-new and exciting. You might start by reminiscing, sharing most significant stories from when it all started, everything until this day, and end with hopes for the future.


  • Off to new horizons


Alternatively, you can go someplace new; someplace you two have never been before – isn’t it a perfect metaphor for what awaits you in your future? Pick a romantic destination, or finally book that holiday resort she keeps talking about. When you arrive, give yourself a bit more time to explore the area and find the perfect place to pop the question. Is it the beach? The top of the mountain? A picnic in a secluded corner of the city garden? Just bear in mind that weather can get in a way of a perfect moment, so always have a plan B!


  • Holiday joy


If you two are more of a stay-at-home, family-oriented, traditional type, then what better way to propose than around the holidays. You can do it at a family dinner (if she’s the type of girl who loves to share the most important moments with her loved ones), or when you are alone, decorating the Christmas tree. You can wrap the ring in one of the boxes and place it next to all the other presents – when she starts unwrapping it, slowly get down on your knee. Trust us, engagement rings glow that more magically when illuminated with holiday lights.  


  • Up in the air


Not afraid of heights? Perfect – plan a hot air balloon ride and ask her to marry you while you’re enjoying the panoramic view of the city. Though some might describe it as a movie cliché, it’s actually quite rare. She won’t expect it and you’ll be away from all the city noise and disturbances. The only person besides you two will be the person maneuvering the balloon, and the best thing about it is the fact that there is someone you can ask to take your pictures. That way you’ll have a lasting memory of the exact moment you two got engaged.


  • Photobomb in a photoboot


While you’re so casually strolling the street, going from one store to the other, propose getting into a photoboot to get a few casual pictures to remember the day. Not in a million years will she expect you to pop the question, and again, it’s a perfect opportunity to get a spontaneous photo of her smile when she takes a glance at a sparkling diamond.

So what’s it going to be? What’s going to be the end of the fairytale relationship and the perfect beginning of the happily ever after?

Oh, and if you have any ideas of your own, do share – many are still seeking for the perfect way to pop the question!