5 Tips for Buying Jewelry for Your Loved One

Are you intimidated by the daunting task of looking for jewelry for your partner? Don’t Worry! We are here to present you with all the pre-requisites before venturing onto this journey. From understanding the taste of your partner to the grading of gems; we have got it all sorted for you.

Always planning ahead of time is the best idea. You have plenty of time to research. First of all define your budget. Your partner does not want you to make a hole in your pocket. There are many sales offers available during the festivals and holidays. You will probably miss them if you don’t take quick action.

Here are some important things to keep in mind before you shell out money on a jewelry gift:

Know Her Taste

The first step into this is to observe your partner’s old jewelries. Look at what she wears and what’s in the wardrobe. Getting those special 1st anniversary gifts like big hoops for a partner who likes small earrings will create a big mess. If that person is active, don’t buy high setting rings. A diamond may not be much affordable so know if your partner would like to have a medium quality diamond or a high end metal jewelry.

Research and Learn the Lingo

Look for various online resources to expand your knowledge about the jewelry. The Internet is a good place to start with where you can come to know about various terms like clarity and jargons related to diamonds and gemstone grading. Bluenile (an online jewelry store) has various guides and educational articles on diamonds, gemstone, and rings. While there are also in-person showrooms where you can show-up and gather all the required knowledge from a person.

Be Cautious of Frauds

Come here! We are offering 60% discounts on select jewelry pieces.  This may sound attractive but beware; it is highly probable that the company is a fraud. Always buy jewelry from a popular brand store which you can bank upon. Besides, ask for recommendations for shops from your friends and relatives. Ask them their preferred stores. When buying Diamonds; please ensure that the paperwork is from a legit lab.

Consider Synthetic Diamonds

Synthetic Diamonds are about 35% cheaper in comparison to real diamonds while providing the same brilliance and no hassle of lab grading. The physical properties are all the same. But they are highly compressed diamonds that are made purely from chemicals. Most people would not be able to tell the difference unless one is a gemologist.

Stay Creative

You can consider buying rental jewelry; your partner can change jewelry every month by taking an annual/monthly membership. Most of the retail price on the jewelry ranging from $50 to $150.