5 Types of Western Dresses to Woo Your Man

5 Types of Western Dresses to Woo Your Man

The Indian fashion industry has come so far and made avariousalteration in haute couture, which achieved some great milestones in the fashion world.

With the influence of western culture, the industry has designed some beautiful dresses that you can happily embrace.

If you are a fashion follower and western dresses are your favorite kind of things, you need to make space in your wardrobe first before you read the article.

Here are five different types of western dresses that fit your style for luxurious impact and complement your personality –

Bandeau/Tube Dresses

The dress is quite extravagance and stylish with a lot of comforts.

5 Types of Western Dresses to Woo Your Man

You obviously need a perfect figure to fit at the bust, or you will spoil the magic. The bandeau does not have any straps or sleeves when you wear this it feels like a tube. You can wear an adhesive lingerie or bodysuit to stay more comfortable and to look graceful.

  • Body Types – best for hourglass figures
  • Occasions –cocktail parties, weddings, formal dinners
  • Avoid the Dress –extremeslim women, straight body

Asymmetrical Dresses

Any dress with an asymmetric hemline falls in this category. You can wear the dress on a casual day, hangout or anight out as well as the prom night.

5 Types of Western Dresses to Woo Your Man

Because of the asymmetrical flare, you will look beautiful and stylish, just make sure the dress fits well with your body and draw your curves.

  • Body Types –Hourglass figured women especially
  • Occasions –Casual gatherings and prom night
  • Avoid the Dress –Too plump figured women should avoid the dress

Tunic Dresses

You cannot expect that the dress will complement your curves because the dress is straight like a tunic. The subtle and simple choice can make people go gaga over you.

5 Types of Western Dresses to Woo Your Man

Also, if you are lazy and just do not like the whole idea of taking time to dress up then this is for you. You can wear it with a denim shirt and a nude shade while going out.

  • Body Types –Women with any body type can wear the dress to flaunt her
  • Occasions –A casual day out
  • Avoid the Dress –Very slim figures and straight figures

Trench Dress

A trench coat in summer? Yes, you can wear it as a dress, a trench dress. The dresses are made of light fabrics and cotton, just like trench coats with huge buttons and belts. Wear this dress with a formal shoe if you are running for your office, or you can go for any formal dinner as well as parties.

5 Types of Western Dresses to Woo Your Man


  • Body Types –Less curvy and rectangle shaped body
  • Occasions –Any occasion which fit
  • Avoid the dress –Curvy women


Bodycon Dresses

The tight-fitting, body-hugging, and stretchable dresses are great to draw your curves and making your body shape more perfectly. Most of the celebs from the glam world adore this dress.

5 Types of Western Dresses to Woo Your Man

The dress is made from blended polyester, which fits tight in the hip area and the bust. The hem lengths vary, as you can go for mid-thigh or upper thigh as well as the knee.


  • Body Types –Hourglass figures
  • Occasions –Cocktail party, office wear, and evening parties
  • Avoid the dress – straight body types


However, you can choose any of the dresses if you think you would be comfortable wearing it.The figure is just an excuse!