6 casual ideas for your summer 2022 outfits

Would you like to know what are the trends for spring summer 2022? A timeless and very appetizing trend with the arrival of good weather.

1. The Pantone color of the year: Very Peri

Pantone has been announcing the color of the season for a few years now. And there is no one better than them to choose the color that we are going to wear the most year after year.2022 is the year of the “Very Peri”. A unique shade of violet was created through the fusion of peri blue and a purplish red undertone. This color emphasizes the importance of creativity and imagination. An energetic tone that will not leave anyone indifferent. It is a fact that designers such as Saint Laurent, Moschino, and Valentino have paraded this color on their catwalks for months. Purple, purple, and violet are in fashion. But in this latest release, we wanted to give it the maximum prominence in this wonderful total look that has us in love. Shorts with adjustable drawstring at the waist and side slits. Made of pink eco-friendly fendi nylon shorts with the FF motif all over. It has an adjustable trekking-type drawstring in contrast.


The commitment to create looks through garments with the same pattern is a trend that does not catch us by surprise. We have been seeing it for years in the fashion shows of the big houses and in the best street style looks. we want to encourage that propensity for total looks in reference to suits with a distinctive tone: animal print suits and suits in energetic tones such as orange and pink in their most vivid display. Another option is a classy co-ord set that doubles as suit. Rebellious Fashion offer the most fashionable co ords on the market. The version of the one-tone suits with more neutral colors is a staple in the universe. Always providing that attitude that characterizes the brand so much. In this case: suits in an oversized version.

3. Tailoring vests.

Continuing with the leitmotif of total suit looks, we now want to add a key piece this season: the tailored vest. It is elegance personified in a garment.  In its beginnings, this piece was used for masculine looks. But we are lucky that fashion is increasingly rethinking what a men’s and women’s wardrobe should be. As we already mentioned in the post on Female figures in the world of fashion, countless designers opt for the unisex style in their garments. For this reason, the tailored vest has come to enhance the female body and make us enjoy dressing in a total suit looks to create a more neat look or to make it a piece that creates contrast in the sports outfit that we wear that day.

4. The fringes.

Fringes are again a trend for another year, but you already know, We want you to feel comfortable wearing the boho trend with its fringes, which is why they are integrated into everyday looks: the comfy garments, contrasts in the immortal denim jackets, in knitwear, in coats, skirts, shirts.

5. Handmade bags. 

Every year with the arrival of spring, our minds inevitably begin to think of good weather, the beach, and the longest and hottest days. And with this idea, the first thing that comes to mind is raffia, wicker or crochet. Those materials are unthinkable on a rainy day. Dolce & Gabbana has integrated this trend countless times in its parades, accompanying handmade bags with rhinestones or lace. We are fortunate that year after year this trend picks up with good weather.

6. VICHY fabric fever.

The Vichy trend is another of the trends that we usually see repeated year after year. It is not for less, its fabric reminds us of picnics and consequently of good weather. Inevitably when we think of gingham, country dresses or blouses come to mind, in fabrics that are finer. The colors are usually white squares, mixed with red, black, or blue. It is the most classic Vichy and the one that everyone bets on. Would you like to know what its origin was? Its history dates back to the 17th century, in the French city of Vichy. The fabric began to be used for tablecloths and napkins, with the subsequent making of shirts and blouses for men and women who worked in the fields, in the 1940s, in the midst of the postwar period.