7 Easy Curly Hair Hacks for Beautiful, Healthy Curls

Curly hair might look all pretty and get nice compliments from your friends… but it can be extremely high maintenance and stressful to care for! In the summer, struggling with humidity makes it difficult to style, while in the winter, you have to deal with it becoming brittle and coarse in dry cold weather.

To make matters worse, most of us have multiple curl patterns on our heads.

But hey, everything has a fix – you just need to know the right source. And that’s what today’s guide is about. These 7 hacks will keep your curls looking shiny, wavy and strong.

7 Easy Curly Hair Hacks for Beautiful, Healthy Curls

Let’s get your curly tresses glammed up!

Don’t – Na, Scratch that – Never Brush Curly Hair

Ignore the drama, I am actually serious here. Get rid of all your brushes at once!

Your fingers are actually the best comb you can use to detangle your hair after a shower. If you must use a comb, get a wide tooth comb. Wet hair easily breaks, so take it easy while combing.

Strengthen Your Hair Strands With the Right Products

Curly hair is usually fragile, and so it’s important you use conditioners that contain protein to give your fragile strands some toughness. Curly Hair Salon Franchise has some great products that act as one-stop daily conditioners. Another must-have is shampoos targeted at curly hair. These products are specifically made for this type of hair, with an advanced formulation that keeps your hair curly and strong.

Take it Easy With the Heat

Overheating is akin to sentencing your curls to death! Excessive heat makes your curls lose their natural shape, and you suddenly have a mop of limp looking hair on your head. Use your blow drier on its medium setting. Most importantly, get a heat protectant.

Avoid Alcohol-based Hair Products

Whilst alcohol is a common ingredient in most hair products, try to avoid it as much as you can. Constant use of alcohol based products can leave your hair dry, dull looking and frizzy.

While there is an argument to be made for good alcohols vs bad alcohols, you need to be mindful of what you buy if you must use an alcohol based product. Also use them sparingly.

Dry Your Hair Gently

After a shower, always gently dry your hair. Preferably with a soft cotton towel or even a cotton t-shirt. Do not dry vigorously with a harsh towel as this can make your hair frizzy – the friction you generate in the process also makes your hair prone to breakage. After all this, allow your tresses to air dry.

Comb From the Bottom Up

One easy way to detangle your usually stubborn hair is to comb from the bottom up. We are almost always taught or conditioned to comb from top to bottom and in long swipes. But with curly hair, that’s counter-productive. Comb the bottom tangles out first before working upwards in sections. By the time you’ve reached the top, you should be able to comb downwards in easy strokes.

Use “Product Cocktailing”

If you can’t find one do-it-all product – which are usually a rare find – product cocktailing is your best solution. Product cocktailing means mixing two or more products that are specific to your hair styling needs. The most popular cocktails are usually a combination of a serum and a mousse. We recommend using mousse sparingly though, because of its alcohol content.

If sometimes it feels like an impossible task to keep your curly hair looking and feeling fabulous, these 7 super-easy hacks should get you started on the right path to curly Eldorado.