7 Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas and Considerations

Your engagement is a special life event, and it is meant to be celebrated! Even if you prefer for your engagement to be a private occasion between only you and your partner, it’s a great idea to take engagement photos for your wedding announcement and social media and for keeping them as special memories. 

7 Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas and Considerations

Once you have a photographer — or just a friend with a camera! — you’ll want to start planning your engagement photo shoot outfit. As with any outfit that will be photographed, there are a few things to consider. Because this is your specific engagement shoot, though, there are a few more tips and ideas to take in before you and you’re significant other get in front of the camera. Here are seven engagement photo outfit ideas and considerations that will complement both you, your partner, and your new engagement ring

1. Make It Monochromatic: Focusing on one color is an easy way to achieve a cohesive look that is sure to photograph well. Your look might focus on a lighter, more pale color if you are going for a delicate or romantic look in your engagement photos. Consider pale blues, pinks, or grays based on what you and your partner like best. From there, accessorize based on your clothing and what you feel most comfortable wearing. For the ultimate bridal look, curate your outfits using a mix of whites and off-whites for a classic pre-wedding-themed photo shoot that you’ll be sure to love. 

2. Add Statement Jewelry: Jewelry is super important in this type of photo shoot, especially for close-up photos. Now is the time to start looking for wedding jewelry-inspired pieces to complement your engagement ring. Look for sparkly earrings and a chic bridal bracelet to pull your look together. As recommended above, you’ll want to pick out your outfit before adding any jewelry or other accessories. Make sure your jewelry is balanced by your neckline, hair, and detail within your outfit. 

3. Dress for the Location: It’s important to choose an engagement photoshoot outfit based on the location you and your partner have chosen for the shoot. While you want to wear something special, you don’t want to blend in or stand out too much from your surroundings. Balance is key here as well. 

If you have chosen an outdoor shoot location with lots of greenery and foliage, consider wearing a bohemian-inspired outfit like a flowy dress or skirt. The movement of the fabric will look great with the natural beauty of your surroundings. If your shoot location is inside, take inspiration from the decor and color schemes within the room. Think about wearing something a bit more structured to play off the furniture and walls. 

7 Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas and Considerations

4. Use Your Engagement Ring as Inspiration: The purpose of the photoshoot is to get some great shots of you and your significant other, but engagement ring photo shoots also heavily focus on your new engagement ring. If your ring is a focal point, why not take inspiration directly from it? 

For example, brides with unique princess cut engagement rings might go for a more upscale look due to the style of their ring. On the other hand, brides who have a vintage-inspired engagement ring might playoff that style as well. While these examples represent two extremes, you might fall somewhere in the middle. Find outfit inspiration in the shape, design, and stone colors within your engagement ring! 

5. Try Out a Fun Trend: Your engagement photos are a great chance for you to have some fun! You might think about saving the seriousness for your wedding day photos and letting loose during this one. For outfit choice, don’t be afraid to try out a trend you’ve been loving or a dress you’ve been saving for a special occasion. This is the time to bring the best out of your closet and let your outfit match your excitement. Try a bold pop of color in your shoes and accessories or a fun print to get this look. 

6. Embrace Your Best Features: Even if you try out a new style or trend for your engagement photos, remember to stay true to what looks best on you. This way, you’ll feel confident and your happiness will shine through no matter what you wear. If you’re wearing a dress for the occasion, consider the best dress silhouettes for your body shape. The same idea applies if you’re looking to accentuate a certain part of your body. Show what you love most! 

7 Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas and Considerations

7. Stay True to your Personal Style: No matter what you choose to wear for your engagement, make sure it’s something that represents YOU. These photos are about getting engaged to the person you love most — and they love you for being who you are.