7 proven ways to reduce hair loss in men

7 proven ways to reduce hair loss in men

A lot of men nowadays are struggling with hair loss. Some of them inherited it from their parents, others simply use harmful chemicals on their hair, without knowing it. This is probably one of the biggest fear appear in men, as it can lead to baldness. Many factors are affecting this problem, but the earlier you take action to prevent, the better. Take a look at these tips that can help you to reduce hair loss and have beautiful hair women will fall for.

1. Have a healthy diet

Having a healthy balanced diet is good for many things, and a very important factor for promoting the growth of hair and preventing hair loss. Look for protein-rich foods, like fish, meat, and soy. Nuts and seeds are also a very nutrient and great source for your hair solution. Don’t forget fresh meals containing fruits and vegetables, and avoid processed food.

2. Regular washing with the right shampoo

To prevent hair loss, you need to keep your hair and scalp clean. It is not necessary to just keep it clean with any shampoo. A lot of shampoos contain chemicals that are harmful to your skin that can make your hair fall more often, leading to baldness. Check the label on the shampoo before you buy it. Focus more on shampoos that are made of natural oils.

3. Take vitamins to prevent it

Vitamins are always here to prevent any health issues you have, including your hair loss. It is better to prevent it, than curing it later. Hair growth vitamins are including supplements in your diet, also products applying on your scalp. For better effects, vitamins need to be taken daily. Some companies, like for example, myhair solution, offer kits that include nutrients which is an interesting option.

4. Avoid drinking and smoking

Drinking alcohol is bad for your overall health, no wonder why hair loss could be a problem if you are consuming it often. If you are already addicted to these vices, better stop now, and avoid dealing with any hair problems.

5. Manage your stress

A lot of the outer changes on our body and health come from the inside. No wonder why stress is marked as one of the biggest causes of health problems. I know it is hard to change it overnight but small steps can help in the long run. To better cope with the difficulties in your life, start with meditations, deep breathing or exercising, and make a good deed for your hair.  

6. Massage your scalp

A simple massage on your scalp while showering will do great. Besides the hair growth, massage can help your follicles remain active and promote fast growth. Using gentle moves will make the shampoo works better.

7. Consult with an expert

Usually, these tips are found helpful by many men, but if you tried them all and still not seeing any change, it is better to talk with an expert. See your doctor, because hair loss may be a problem of something bigger. Ask your doctor to check your medications, since they have consequences on losing hair.  

If you are already dealing with hair loss for a long period of time, some treatments can help you with this problem.