7 Ways to Surprise Your Grandma

Grandmas are popularly known for spoiling their grandkids by giving them surprise gifts and feeding them until their bellies are round as a sphere. It’s only fair that we show them our love by spoiling them as well now and then. 

With a fairly large generation gap between grandparents and grandkids, it can be quite difficult to find out how to surprise your grandma in a way that she’ll recognize your affections and appreciate the effort. 

While you want it to be fun for you as well, you also want to make sure that it’s a suitable plan for your grandma’s health. Here are some creative ideas on how to surprise your grandmother that will leave her feeling loved and put an unforgettable smile on her face. 

#1. Visit Her with a Fruit Basket 

Your grandma will love a grand gesture adapted from the famous Red Riding Hood, especially if she told you bedtime stories when you were a child. Create a unique fruit basket full of healthy and fresh fruits, including some of her favorite ones. Decorate the basket with blooming flowers and colorful ribbons and tuck in a handwritten note between the fruits. This simplistically sweet gesture will leave her blushing for hours. 

#2. Take Her Out for Hair-Grooming

What better way to spoil your grandmother than giving her a discount voucher and accompanying her to the salon for a new hairdo? Not only will she love the gesture, but she will also enjoy the grooming experience thoroughly. 

Help her pick out a hairstyle from some of the trending ones which you can find here. Spend the afternoon gossiping while getting your makeovers and make an everlasting memory. 

#3. Gift Her an Entertainment Device

Your grandmother did not grow up with smartphones around as you did. So older people aren’t usually familiar with all the new technological inventions and the devices they can use to entertain themselves during the day. 

You can always gift her an iPad if she likes playing games or trying out new recipes from YouTube, a Kindle e-reader if she’s a bookworm, or an iPod if she’s a fan of music. Don’t just send her a package with regards, take it to her in person and teach her how to use it. Always remember, little gestures make huge impacts. 

#4. Plan a Surprise Family Day 

Most families conduct gatherings during the holidays or festive seasons. But the happiness is doubled if you plan a surprise meetup on the weekend. Check with all your cousins and invite all your family to surprise your grandma for the weekend. 

There’s nothing sweeter than a surprise barbeque and spending some quality time with your family for no reason but simply because you miss them. 

#5. Make a Family Scrapbook for Her

With all the grandkids growing up and leaving town for university or a job, the elderly are left all by themselves, and it can get lonely sometimes. 

So it’s a great idea to collect photos of you and your siblings or cousins from memorable times and the holidays you spent with your grandparents and create a scrapbook that refreshes all those times and brings your grandma tears of joy.

You can also add some quotes or silly photos that will remind her of the silly quirks of her family members. She will love having a scrapbook by her bed to look at whenever she’s feeling nostalgic. 

#6. Take Her on a Trip to a Nearby Town

Having nothing to do all day but sit around in the house and getting bored can be cured easily by a short trip to a fun place nearby. Pre-plan all the arrangements and make sure that you include comfort for your grandma or both of your grandparents. Trekking is not the right choice of a trip for your grandparents, so plan something light and enjoyable that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. 

#7. Binge Watch All-Time Classic Movies with Her

Your grandmother might not always be up to going out of the house and spending the evening in a crowded place, but she will take pleasure in an afternoon if you show up with a bunch of snacks and play a few of the all-time classic movies that she probably watched as a child. Before long, she’ll start reminiscing about her childhood and the two of you will have a closer bond than before.