8 Hacks to Plan for a Frugal Wedding Even with a Budget

The pressure and costs that come with wedding planning may be overwhelming for some couples, which is why it’s ideal to set a budget for it. Your budget will not only keep things afloat but it will also provide you and your partner the opportunity to prioritize more important aspects such as preparing for your future together.

8 Hacks to Plan for a Frugal Wedding Even with a Budget

If you are looking for ways to cut down on expenses without sacrificing your wedding’s quality, here are some hacks that you can adapt:

  1. Rent wedding outfits or buy them on sale

During a wedding, it’s important that everyone involved looks his or her best. The bride’s dress, entourage dresses, groom’s tuxedo and entourage suits can be rented instead of bought. In fact, several shops often provide renting options for couples who are thinking of downsizing their wedding budget so they won’t have to find buyers for their second-hand dresses.

You can also rent bridesmaid dresses and tuxes as a group since most shops offer added discounts. If you want to wear something a bit more unique, consider browsing in the Volte designer dress hire website for high-end dresses at an affordable rate.

  1. List down your priorities

Certain wedding necessities may require more money than others which is why it helps to create a priority list so you can carefully plan through the budget of each component. Listing priorities can help you plan a frugal wedding by crossing out expenses before they’re even bought. You can categorize your list according to the following:

  • Essentials such as wedding dress, groom’s suit and entourage outfits
  • stunning wedding band set
  • Accessories such as veils, coins, rings and pillows
  • Church and reception decorations, flowers, catering, lights and sounds
  • Church and reception venue payments
  • Invites, giveaways and tokens

8 Hacks to Plan for a Frugal Wedding Even with a Budget

If you are unsure on which items you should look for a bargain, check out these tips for saving money on shopping.

  1. Adjust your guest list

A small and intimate wedding can be just as romantic as special as a large wedding with several guests. Unfortunately the more guests are on the list, the more money you would need to pay the reception or catering. To keep things in line, discuss with your partner the number of people you both agree to invite at a wedding and list out their names accordingly.

  1. Hold the ceremony at home or outdoors

A function hall or a hotel ballroom can be quite expensive considering the fact that decorations and catering are also factors to include in these places. For a more picturesque wedding, consider throwing your wedding at your own home or a home of a close relative/friend or outdoors at a beautiful park or mountain area. If you choose an outdoor setting, make sure to have tents ready in case of bad weather.

  1. Do the catering yourself or hire a family’s small business

Fresh food that is prepared from the heart can bring people closer together, especially in an intimate wedding with close friends and family. If you don’t have time to make your own menu, consider hiring a family-owned restaurant and ask the owners to cater directly to your wedding. Not only are they more cost-effective but most of them are far more understanding on a couple’s particular budget needs.

  1. Use minimal flowers

Many weddings tend to go overboard with flowers which can add appeal to the ceremony but often wither away within a few hours. To keep it classy and unique, try limiting flowers to a certain degree like a simple arrangement for the bride and a different single flower for every bridesmaid. You can also use fake flowers for decorations or make the arrangements yourself.

  1. Include close friends and family with preparations

Brainstorming ideas for your wedding can be extremely stressful and may require help from time to time. Instead of hiring an expensive wedding planner, you can involve some of your closest friends and family members with the details. If they are willing, you can also delegate certain tasks for them which instantly makes the ceremony much more special since you all worked hard together.

  1. Avoid mentioning your wedding when scouting for vendors

Most vendors charge a hefty price when it comes to weddings but more or less offer affordable rates for other events. While you certainly can’t keep your wedding a secret, it does help to avoid mentioning the W word when asking photographers, bakers, and florists their expected rate. Not only will it give you an idea on how much you can spend but it can also provide you leverage during negotiating after you mention your wedding plans.

Final Thoughts

A private, intimate wedding ceremony with close friends and family can be just as glamorous as a lavish wedding with a hundred guests. Considering that there are tons of ways for a person to get creative, learning how to save money not only makes planning less of a chore but can actually make your wedding much more meaningful and unforgettable. Should you encounter stressful periods, talk with your friends and family so they can provide ideas.