8 Tips For Choosing Plus-Size Clothing

8 Tips For Choosing Plus Size Clothing

Curvy women are seeing more representation these days, breaking the mold that they can only wear oversized clothes due to their body shape. With many clothing options to choose from, it could be a challenge to pick the right ones for your body.

In this article, we look at some practical and simple tips to help you build a reliable wardrobe filled with impressive plus-size clothing. We’ll look at some best practices, as well as some things to avoid.

8 Tips for Remember when Picking Plus-Size Outfits

  • Dress for your size
  • Pick the right fabrics
  • Black is always in
  • Play with accessories
  • Wrap dresses are your best friend
  • Find good-fitting jeans
  • Glam up with empire dresses
  • Skip bodycon dresses
  1. Dress for Your Size
8 Tips For Choosing Plus Size Clothing

There’s a thin line that plus-sized ladies have to tread on between wearing something that perfectly fits and something too tight. As a rule of thumb, choose clothing that works nicely with your body. If lines of your undergarments show through the clothing, then what you’re wearing is a bit too tight for your body.

Some great clothing options for plus-size women include dresses with deep necklines. Clothes with deep V or U necklines direct attention away from your belly while placing your best assets front and center.  

Conversely, wearing outfits that are too loose simply hides your beautiful curves. They could also affect how you look at yourself, bringing down your confidence.

  1. Pick the Right Fabrics
8 Tips For Choosing Plus Size Clothing

A garment’s fabric plays a big role in how it looks when you wear it. Before looking at the design and pattern of a dress, check out the fabric that it’s made from to ensure it will fit you perfectly.

It’s best to choose fabrics that not only stretch well but also don’t leave creases on the garment when worn. Clothes made from a mix of cotton and elastane, satin, or viscose are preferred for plus-size clothing. These materials help enhance your natural curves while being breathable and comfy to wear.

  1. Black Is Always In
8 Tips For Choosing Plus Size Clothing

With a wide range of color options to choose from, it’s difficult to decide what shade would work well with your body type. While you may have the confidence to pull off any color combination, be it bright summer colors or calmer pastel shades, some work better than others.

When in doubt, go with clothes that are either black or dark-toned. Black not only looks glamorous on any occasion, but it also gives your body a better silhouette and a slimmer appearance.

  1. Play with Accessories
8 Tips For Choosing Plus Size Clothing

Accessories bring another level of details to your clothing ensemble. And when done right, accessories could even enhance your wonderful plus-size curves while covering unwanted flaws.

Take the attention out of your least confident areas by using statement jewelry like chokers, necklaces, or bracelets. Pair your clothes with stunning shoes, such as classic pumps, to make your legs look longer and add to an impressive silhouette. 

Additionally, having the right-sized bag to complement your outfit is not only a great clothing accessory but a nice conversation starter as well.

  1. Wrap Dresses are Your Best Friend
8 Tips For Choosing Plus Size Clothing

The simple wrap dress has the distinction of working with any body type, highlighting the body’s strong points while covering up the flaws. Plus, it gives the wearer an amazing hourglass shape.

Wrap dresses come in a wide range of styles, meaning there’s always a wrap dress out there to match your specific taste. They are simple to wear, comfortable, and do not hinder your movements.

It’s recommended to have at least one wrap dress in your wardrobe, as it’s a trusty go-to outfit for most occasions.

  1. Find Good-fitting Jeans
8 Tips For Choosing Plus Size Clothing

With the versatility and comfortability that jeans offer, it’s no surprise that even plus-size women enjoy wearing a pair. But wearing the right pair of jeans can bring your outfit from drab to glam.

When shopping for jeans – whether in-store or online – opt for high-rise or mid-rise denim pants. They’ll help keep your belly out of the way while giving your body a sexier look.

  1. Glam Up with Empire Dresses
8 Tips For Choosing Plus Size Clothing

Empire dresses are another clothing staple you should have in your wardrobe. Gathering beneath the bust instead of your natural waistline, empire dresses add emphasis to your upper body and improve your curves.

The dress drapes smoothly along the body’s lower half, covering the belly and other unwanted areas. This style also comes in various lengths and designs, allowing you to customize your ensemble for any mood or occasion.  

  1. Skip Bodycon Dresses
8 Tips For Choosing Plus Size Clothing

While they may look nice and sexy, bodycon dresses and body-hugging clothes will not benefit plus-size ladies in general. These clothing types only highlight your unwanted features, which could affect your confidence.

Start Choosing the Right Plus-sized Clothing for You

Building a wardrobe of plus-size clothing should not be a difficult task. Knowing what to look for in the garments, along with how to compliment them with accessories, will certainly help boost your beauty and confidence.

Shopping for plus-sized clothing has dramatically changed over the years. When at one time it was difficult to buy plus-size clothes, now there are dedicated stores that offer this clothing line. 

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