9 Fashion Icon Bobbleheads Every Stylist Should Have

One of the weirdest but exciting stuff worthy of collecting is interesting bobbleheads. And whether if you’re an avid collector or you’re still learning the ropes, then you’ll love the latest bobblehead collection: history’s hottest fashion icons. We present eight of the coolest and the most followed fashion icons-turned-bobbleheads for you. 

Elvis Presley Aloha Bobblehead

The King of Rock was not just a musical legend but also a fashion icon in the 1960s and the 1970s. In his Aloha From Hawaii concert, he was live in Honolulu wearing his favorite sequined white jumpsuit and white boots. Since then, all Elvis fans wore this costume and variations of this jumpsuit, as well. The Elvis Aloha bobblehead is an impressive figure to add to your collection. 

Hillary Clinton Bobblehead

Hilary Rodham Clinton answered why she always wore pantsuits in her book “What Happened.” She said that she liked her clothes because she feels empowered. And to celebrate empowerment, the former Senator, Secretary of State and fashion icon, is in bobblehead wearing her signature blue pantsuit and pearls. 

Harley Quinn Body Knocker

If you’re into insane women or just a DC fan, then you’ll adore their resident edgy fashion icon, Harley Quinn. Harley is one of the most popular bobblehead designs, and you’ll find her wearing her trademark Daddy’s ‘Lil Monster costume or her sleek, body-hugging harlequin jester costume. But no matter what she’s wearing, she’s a brat and a fashion queen, a unique bobblehead to collect.

Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey

If you’re not an MMA fan, then let us introduce Ronda Rousey. She’s not just a pretty face, but she’s known for her impressive strength and the ability to put all her opponents to submission with her grappling arms. Ronda is a champion in mixed martial arts and has an Olympic bronze medal for judo. 

“Rowdy” Ronda is also a fashion icon, a celebrity who has graced the cover of many fitness magazines. She even has her doll and now, her collectible bobblehead figure wearing her a plaid skirt and high-cut black boots.  She’s ready to trap you in an armbar and will never let you go.  

Princess Leia New Hope

In Star Wars: Episode IV-A New Hope, Princess Leia is spunkier than ever. She’s not over her iconic double bun hairstyle and long-sleeved silk dress, but no doubt she still defends the resistance. Star Wars fans will surely agree that the Princess is a fashion icon worthy of her own bobblehead figure. 

Fans also love other unique Star Wars characters in bobbleheads like Cara Dune, the Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, and Luke Skywalker. You’ll surely want to collect them all. But according to most Leia fans, they’re waiting for a bobblehead of the princess in her metal bikini in Return of the Jedi. This might be the most valuable of all. 

Elvira Mistress Of The Dark

Unless you’re a fan of cult culture or you’re just into the film Elvira Mistress of the Dark, then you won’t stop till you get the Elvira Mistress of the Dark bobblehead. This is Cassandra Peterson’s most iconic role as the sexy cult-movie TV host, Elvira. Despite the movie’s release in 1988, followers of the punk rock or sexy punk look are still alive and kicking till today. 

There are several Elvira Mistress of the Dark bobblehead figure designs but the most popular has to be the one where she’s wearing her iconic black dress with a very high slit and low front. Truly, a sexy vamp figure to have on your dashboard.

US President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump is a fashion icon in his own right. You may know Trump in his usual Brooks  Brothers coat, starched white shirt, single-breasted gray-colored suit, and red silk tie, but do you know this suit is undoubtedly expensive?  Trump also loves light and finely-woven wool in mohair or silk blends. 

Some fashion experts say that he has the worst fashion taste, but nevertheless, he has created a default suit for anyone new to wearing them. Trump bobbleheads wear the same outfit, but the most popular is the one with the Twitter bird on his shoulder, which is appropriately called Donald Trump Media Monitor.  You’ll also find Donald Trump in several bobblehead face designs like his signature staunched face and his creepy mouth. Definitely, awesome designs worth collecting.

The Shining Twins

Come play with us! The Shining twins were the content of every child’s nightmare back in the 1980s, but do you know that the twin’s famous blue dresses were trendy way back then? These blue dresses with puffed sleeves, round white collars, and pink ribbons and their classic grey knee socks and black shoes were the popular trends. 

And this style remains a classy dress design to wear. The Burns sisters Lisa and Louise remain as one of the most famous Hollywood twins and now iconic fashion bobbleheads. The twins are all grown up now (as of writing, they are 52 years old) and are living normal, happy lives but still have that weird spooky aura in their eyes. 

Betty White Golden Girls

Betty White is dubbed as the actor with the longest television career, which spans 80 years. Her role in The Golden Girls as Rose Nylund is her best one yet, and of course, she has more than 50 more movies and television show titles to her name. She is soon to be a centennial and a fashion icon spanning decades of colored tops, glamorous red carpet looks, and lovely dresses. Betty White is no doubt a fashion icon bobblehead worthy of being part of your collection.