9 High Heel Hacks Your Will Feet Will Thank You For

Women love wearing high heels since they have the power to make them feel sexy, confident and stylish. But you all know the side effects of wearing heels, such as blisters and aching feet, and not feeling quite comfortable in them after wearing them for a while. So, since you cannot stop wearing them, you may at least know some high heel hacks that your feet will thank you for. Let’s check them out!

First of all, measure your ideal heel height!

It looks like we all have an ideal heel height that will be comfortable for our feet. This depends on several factors, such as the shape of your foot, flexibility, arch height etc. And the guide below should help you of how to measure your ideal high height.

How to know if shoes are comfortable or not?

This cheat sheet below, will help you choose which shoes are comfortable or not before you buy them. The heel height is not the only thing to consider. The pitch on the shoe – the construction of which affects the space between the heel and sole, should be also considered. So, the higher the pitch, the more weight will shift to your toes and this is of course not good for your feet.

9 High Heel Hacks Your Will Feet Will Thank You For

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Tape the 3rd and 4th toes on your feet when wearing closed-toed heels.

Yes, this is something you should do if you plan on wearing closed-toe heels for a longer time. There is a nerve right between these two toes and tape will minimize any strain. So, it will help take pressure off the ball of the foot.

Sweat-proof your feet with a hairspray!

A little bit of moisture will cause your feet to slide down or slip out of heels. So, before putting on, spray your feet with a hairspray.

Rub your shoes with a dab of deodorant to prevent blisters

A deodorant is not just for armpits anymore and will prevent the painful blisters you often get from shoes. Apply it on the sides of your foot and slide it in the shoe.

9 High Heel Hacks Your Will Feet Will Thank You For

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Foot petals are a must-have!

Foot petals help reduce pain when wearing heels. They relieve the pressure exerted to your toes, so you should definitely wear some.

9 High Heel Hacks Your Will Feet Will Thank You For

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Stretch new shoes in the fridge!

New shoes can be too tight at first, so the easiest way to stretch them is to fill plastic baggies with water and place them in the shoes. Put the shoes into the freezer for a night, so that the water can freeze and thus the baggies expand and your shoes will stretch out.

9 High Heel Hacks Your Will Feet Will Thank You For

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Or you can blow dry the tight area while wearing thick socks and the shoes!

Sandpaper the soles!

And the last on our list of high heel hacks for today is for some slippery soles. Take a sheet of sandpaper and gently rough up the bottoms of your new heels.

These high heel hacks are something every woman should know, so share them with your ladies so that can walk in their heels comfortably too. Thank you for reading and make sure to stay up to date with the content of Fashionsy to find many other life-changing hacks, tips and tricks.