A vape as a fashion accessory

You may remember a time in your youth when smoking on television and movies was the big thing.  That suave gentleman making a move while smoking a cigar or that hot little number with the pencil tip cigarette.  By gone is the era where movies promoted smoking, these days it is nearly impossible to get smoking past the censors.  Is it the same with vaping? Not quite, vaping has taken on its own lifestyle with being a fashion accessory.

The biggest trend among fashion with vaping comes in the younger crowd.  This generation may never have smoked but enjoy vaping. One of the biggest trends in this scene is competitive vaping by pulling off tricks with the vaper.  Several YouTube channels, videos, and data trends are built off these tricks, getting hundreds of likes in the social media boom. The younger crowd is much more in tune with these trends then their older counterparts who may be using vaping to quit smoking.

Vaping is trending in several niches across the generation, from hipsters to street life.  One of the reasons that vaping is becoming such a fashion accessory is the customization. Aside from a few basic parts, you can get a vape in all shapes, colors, and sizes.  In fact, having certain builds can be a fashion statement in and of itself. The other factor to this is the vape liquid itself trending on which manufacture and flavors to use.  Again, YouTube may have a large edge on this crowd because it does appeal to the younger generation.

If you are out of that scene, you don’t have to worry.  With accessibility and the scope of the industry still being largely unstandardized, you can customize your vape to how you need it.  If you are an office worker and just need a quick pen, you got it.  If you want a more traditional look, you can get pens that look like cigarettes from a distance.  Want to be cute and girly, get a glittery vape pen or bedazzle one yourself. Aside rom the core elements, you can make your vape into the perfect fashion accessory for you.

Vaping is the new cool association that has replaced smoking.  This change mirrors the difference between the modern generation and the older.  Smoking in movies is seen as cool, suave and sophisticated. Vaping is a modern-day edge that promotes cool tricks and edgy content.  It reflects the modernized, technology of today, replacing the archaic archetypes of what smoking used to be. Today’s crowd does not look at the Marlboro Man or the Camel, instead they want to be trending on social media.  

Make no mistake, vaping has carved out a huge niche in the fashion industry.  The best part is that this fashion matches the new trends of the modern world.  You can put your own personal style with it and make it your own. You can trend with the rock stars on YouTube, or try to make your own style go viral.  Modern culture allows you to invent who you are, and vaping allows you to be yourself fashionably.