Are Suits and Sneakers on the Same Team? How to Pair Them Together?

Have you not seen sneakers being paired with a suit, what rock have you been living under? There is a fine line between looking cool or unkempt. For now, this trend of being cool is here to stay. If you are utterly confused on how to start this trend, start with white! White sneakers have stolen the limelight in recent years. Both women and men wear it with anything and everything. This trend has been worn in mind-boggling combinations and has been done to death! A few years ago, it was unthinkable to match sneakers to suits. It would have just made the wearer be labelled as shabby and too casual.

In the new age, comfort has been stylized into fashion, and bolted its way to the top spot. Not every pair of sneakers pair well with a suit, it needs to be strategically thought out. It seemed almost overnight that men surrendered their oxfords, derby and formal pump leather shoes for men’s sneakers in Melbourne and other fashion hubs across the country.

  •  Suits and Sneakers: Helpful hints to pair them:

Perth shoe shops are largely family-owned, and several Portuguese and Italian manufacturers are roped in, to produce exquisite and high-quality shoes. Sneakers are not only comfortable but also come in a plethora of fancy colors and designs. How many pairs do have in your collection? Let us take a look at how to coordinate it with your formal outfits.

o   Workwear:  Have you tried to sneak your way through work, in your casual shoes? If it was met with a disapproving look from your boss, then the easiest way to accomplish this is by wearing the same color sneakers as your outfit. If you wear blue sneakers with a blue suit, it keeps away those roving eyes, and you can still match style with comfort. It also helps to elongate your silhouette.

o    Trouser length:  Keeping the length of your trousers above ankle length would be just perfect.  Also, keeping your socks aside would be a neat idea. Have you seen some men allowing their ankles to show? Avoid wearing baggy pant bottoms with your sneakers. Formal attire should be of a slim silhouette. It should be clean and crisp. Go with a suit that is tailored perfectly.

o   High-top Sneakers: They exude a class that gels well with the formal look. They are saviors for men who would like to wear sneakers with formals, but are not comfortable in baring their ankles. They are also the right choice for colder climates.

o   Formal Accessories to balance your sneakers: Go with classic, and well coordinated accessories such as leather bags, leather straps, sophisticated bracelets, or even a lovely watch.

o    Color palette: Sage green, navy blue, burgundy, brown, dark grey, black and white are classic color options that look great with any suit. Choose your sneakers that have classic and clean looks, so as not to clash with your formal dressing sense.

o   Ditch the tie: Wear a basic T-shirt or a classic polo tee under your suit. Ties do not need to be the end-all of every suit design. Keep it simple and understated. It projects a level of confidence.

o   Prints and Patterns: Make it match. Going for prints that clash with your color choice is a big no-no! The look should not be displaced, so go with subtle prints and soothing colors. If you want to stand out by choosing color blocking options, make sure you don’t look like a sore thumb sticking out.

o   Material: Suede, leather or any luxurious material is your best bet.

So, whether you are at the club, your mate’s wedding or going for a casual walk — sneakers can be styled in all ways. There are a variety of options to meet every budget and fashion sense. You do not need to push your regular style aside. Just keep it casual.