Are Tungsten Wedding Bands Still Popular?

Shopping for wedding bands is a truly exhilarating experience for nearly-wed couples. There are lots of options to choose from. All you really need to do is find out what kind of material you want, what type of design it should have, and how much you are willing to spend. However, the same can’t be said when it comes to choosing rings for the groom.

During the past decades, gold, platinum, and silver have been the most popular choices for male wedding bands. But today, Tungsten wedding bands are apparently growing more popular among future grooms.

Don’t have any idea what a tungsten wedding band is? Well, don’t reject it just yet. In fact, you may even be surprised about it’s interesting features.

What are Tungsten Wedding Bands?

Tungsten wedding bands are basically wedding rings made out of tungsten carbide. What’s interesting about tungsten carbide is that it’s actually the most scratch resistant metal as of date. Unlike other rings made out silver, gold, and platinum, tungsten is proven to be really hard. As a matter of fact, the only thing known to be able to scratch it is a diamond.

The Pros and Cons of Tungsten Wedding Bands

Now that you know what a tungsten wedding band is, let us dive in to its various pros and cons. Let’s start with the pros first.



Since tungsten is arguably the hardest metal object on earth, it’s no question that it’s very durable and strong. Unlike other precious metals, tungsten is practically scratch resistant. It also doesn’t bent when placed under tremendous pressure. Plus, it doesn’t fade. What a great symbol for a long lasting marriage right?


There’s just something about tungsten’s unique appearance that makes it stand out from gold, silver, and platinum wedding bands. In fact, you have several color options when it comes to tungsten wedding rings. Your options may include black, gray, and white. It’s color schemes are actually more favored by some men because of its overall masculine vibe. Moreover, it attracts people with contemporary taste.


What’s ironic about tungsten rings is their highly affordable price. Considering how strong and durable this material is, you’d expect it to be more expensive than gold, silver, or platinum rings. On the contrary, a high quality tungsten ring can only cost you about a fifth of what a gold and platinum ring is worth. Just to give you an idea about the pricing, an average high quality tungsten ring would set you back around $200 bucks, while a white gold or platinum ring can cost you anywhere from $500 up to $1000.


Another great benefit you can experience because of tungsten durability is maintenance. Since tungsten wedding bands aren’t susceptible to scratches, fading, and bending, you wouldn’t have to worry much about making its attractive appearance last long. Plus, unlike gold jewelry that can get deformed over time, you wouldn’t have to spend money reshaping a tungsten ring.


Though few people tend to be allergic to pieces of jewelry, tungsten hypoallergenic build makes it the safest kind of jewelry to wear. This means you can wear your tungsten band without having to worry about severe skin rashes or allergic reactions.



You know what they say, an object’s strength could also be its weakest link. When it comes to metals, the harder the material, the more susceptible it is to breaking. Since tungsten is arguably the hardest metal out there, it’s also one of the most brittle.

This means any kind of strong blow to your tungsten ring may render it permanently unwearable. Especially since tungsten rings can never be repaired by jewelers. So if you usually partake in an active lifestyle, you may want to rethink getting a tungsten ring.


Another known con of tungsten rings is that they can never be resized. Attempting any kind of adjustment to a tungsten ring can result in breakage.


Another con of tungsten rings is its weight. Tungsten is a very dense metal that comes with a heavier than usual weight. It actually boils down to personal preference. Some people actually like the feeling of wearing heavy rings on their finger.

The Bottomline

Tungsten wedding bands are becoming increasingly popular among engaged couples. It’s even more popular among males because of its masculine and contemporary design. Overall, it’s a strong, stylish, and timeless piece of jewelry to symbolise a strong marriage.