Avoid Bad Hair Days Forever with These 10 Awesome Hair Hacks

No matter what your hairstyle is, you always want it to look its best. After all, the hairstyle we choose can cap off the greatest of wardrobe ideas. Sometimes, if we feel that our hair just doesn’t look right, we seem to think that our wardrobe isn’t complete. No matter if you have a short hairstyle, or long, here are a few tips for getting great looks out of our hair.

If you have long hair and just simply hate the idea of shampooing it all every day, then don’t. It isn’t necessary to shampoo your whole head. Just shampoo the bangs and front of the crown. No one will realize the short cut you’ve taken. Also, don’t be afraid to use a dry shampoo between regular washings. Don’t want the expense of dry shampoos, then just grab the baby powder. It really is the original dry shampoo.

If you’re like thousands of us that have to fight frizz, I have a simple solution for you. Put a beanie hat on your head while your hair is still wet, and keep it on while you get your beauty sleep. It keeps frizz down drastically. Another way to fight the frizzes is to not rub your hair with a towel when you step out of the bath or shower. Squeeze the hair instead of rubbing.

One easy to get our hair styled is to use a flat iron. A flattener can help straighten hair that has some frizz to it, or it can add curl and volume to straight or flat hair. For straight tresses, start of by sectioning hair at the scalp, and slide your flattener to the very end. Iron toward the ceiling for volume and lift. For a little body or a few curls, turn the flattener on its edge as you slide down the hair. You can also use your flattener to iron a braid. This will give hair the look of crimping, without having to buy a hair crimp. When using a flattener, remember “365, hair stays alive”. Anything over that temperature can and may cause damage to your hair.

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Avoid Bad Hair Days Forever with These 10 Awesome Hair Hacks