Brilliant DIY Fashion Ideas To Upgrade Your Old Clothes For The Summer

Good day ladies! Are you ready for some wonderful ideas? Today I bring you something fun and useful. Do you think that you have too many old clothes that you don’t use anymore? Instead of throwing them, you can upgrade and reuse them again. There are so many ways to do it. You will see some quick tutorials on how to upgrade your old garments into new and stylish ones. Read on and find out more about these brilliant DIY fashion ideas!

Old sweatshirt turned into apron

If you have an old baggy sweatshirt that you are not longer using, hen this would be a nice idea to give it a second life for the summer. With a little sewing, you can turn it into apron that will be so helpful around your kitchen.

Lace tank top

If you think that basic tank tops are useless, you are wrong. You can turn one into a romantic lace t -shirt. You won’t believe on how pretty the result will be. See the example below. You won’t tell that this is made with an ordinary tank top.

Macrame back

If you are having a lousy T-shirt, then this is a good idea for it. It takes some time and skills, but it is worth it.

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Kitty print T-shirt

There is no better way to upgrade a mono colored T-shirt, than a fun print. This kitty print looks so cute. And it is done with nothing more than a potato! Carve it carefully and you have a cool stamp.

Distressed shorts

Turn your old jeans into fashionable shorts for this summer. Use a razor to distress them in a nice way.

Beaded T-shirt with interesting pattern

Fringed vest

A man T-shirt is not useless. Just cut it like this, the front and back part and there you have it. A cool vest with fringes that you can wear for the summer.

Lace T-shirt

Neon lines on black dress

This is one clever idea! Use tape to create a cool stencil for your dress. It will refresh it’s look immediately.