Don’t Miss These Enchanting Geode Lips That Look Like True Masterpieces

If you are amazed by the texture of geodes, why not making it into lip art? This is probably not a thing that you can put on every day. Seems like the geode trend has appeared everywhere it can: nails, hair, even cakes. And now it’s time to incorporate it into lips. Makeup bloggers are creating stunning lip art lately,  inspired by these breath-taking stones. Love it or hate it, this is the ultimate trend that shook the beauty world. Don’t miss these enchanting geode lips that look like true masterpieces!

If you want to create geode lips, you have to pay attention to detail. Creating this type of art requires playing with colors and textures. As you can see, different shades of colors are mixed together to get that dimensional effect. Also gold and silver are frequently used.


We can see that creating a rough texture is required. It can be achieved by sticking sugar, for example. It recreates the naturally created texture of the geode. It is amazing how these ones are created, while having so small area to work with. Although it is a hard work, these mesmerizing lips are done in a professional way.

The holographic effect in this one makes the perfect dupe for opal stones. Amazing!

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