Durable and Contemporary Gym Shorts Review: SQUATWOLF Products

I had a tremendous and impressive opportunity to work with exclusive SQUATWOLF gym wear for men. The brand’s men gym shorts are designed with quality fabric and tech that one cannot resist. Upon wearing the first Hybrid 2-in-1 Shorts, I felt the tight and comfortable grip needed for a compelling session in the gym for the first time.  In this article, I will give a comprehensive review of different SQUATWOLF gym shorts. We explore fabrics, sizes, and colors of different SQUATWOLF shorts. This is what to expect when you’re a worth it purchase from an upcoming activewear brand, SQUATWOLF.

Product name:  Hybrid 2-in-1 Shorts

Durable and Contemporary Gym Shorts Review: SQUATWOLF Products

First Thoughts 

Upon wearing the Hybrid 2-in-1 Shorts, the inner lining gave a firm grip on the thighs. A comfortable feeling and easy to work with for vigorous gym activities such as squatting, jumping, and running. The outer shorts are made with mesh, 4-way stretch, and give excellent airflow. The shorts are designed to increase mobility; the best experience was on the inner part, which absorbed all my sweat during the workout sessions.  

2-in1 Dry Technology 

The company’s secret technology in designing these shorts is the type of fabric. A unique fabric which is known as 2-in-1 technology for these reliable gym shorts.  These shorts have two layers, outer and inner layers, each created with a lot of proficiency. The outer layer has an appealing look with a 4- way stretch and mesh for proper airflow. The inner short absorbs and keeps the skin dry to avoid irritation during intensive workouts—the shorts are designed explicitly for gym workouts to be more comfortable and to accommodate all kinds of intense activities.

Fabric- 9/10

The Hybrid 2-in-1 Shorts are made of 95% pure polyester and 5% elastane. The shorts are crafted with dexterity, where the soft inner short has a fabric that keeps the skin dry all throughout the workout sessions. The outer short is mid-weight with a soft stretching inner short, which is exceptionally light and quality fabric.


It is perfectly designed for a performance fit, a slim fit for outer short, and comfortable inner fit. The shorts have two zipped pockets and an elastic waistband with well-placed drawstrings to adjust the grip to your preference.  The Hybrid 2-in-1 Shorts is an excellent choice for all kinds of intensive workouts. 

Product name: Hybrid Basket Shorts  

Durable and Contemporary Gym Shorts Review: SQUATWOLF Products

These Hybrid Basketball Shorts are a combination of comfort, mobility, and unique fabric to give a perfect fit for basketball shorts. The short gave an excellent experience for flexible activewear while running and exercising. It has a double hem panel and perforated breathable material to help increase airflow. These shorts are the best activewear I have experienced with lightweight fabric giving swift movements during movements.  

Fabric- 8.5/10

The shorts are made with quality fabric of 95% polyester and 5% elastane. Its designed for a performance fit with lightweight fabric giving good airflow with its perforations. This fabric is known for its elasticity, comfortability with an adjustable ribbed waistband.

Fit- 9/10

Hybrid Basketball Shorts has an optimal fit and knee-length height for mobility. They are created to offer a relaxed feeling and comfort. The perforations provide maximum airflow throughout active sports. It is stretched in 4 ways with an elastic waistband and two side zip pockets, a good fit for all sports.

Product name: Hybrid 2-in-1 Gym Shorts 

Durable and Contemporary Gym Shorts Review: SQUATWOLF Products

These latest SQUATWOLF Hybrid Shorts offered the best experience; my gym workouts were more relaxed and upbeat. The comfortable elastic fabric of the inner shorts was amazing.  There was no bad odor from my sweat, just the fresh flow of air. The shorts are a mix of the latest fitness wear trends and latest technology known as 2-in-1 with two shorts designed as one—the inner short giving a firm and comfortable grip for intense workouts. 

2-in-1 Dry Technology 

 SQUATWOLF’s fabric technology combines elasticity and lightweight fabrics.  The inner short has soft elastic material which stretches and accommodates all kinds of workouts. At the same time, the outer short is well-perforated to offer proper airflow and gives an appealing look. You don’t have to worry about sweat and odor as they are entirely handled by the inner elastic fabric to keep you comfortable.

Fabric – 9/10

The fabric is pure polyester and elastane making it light to help in movements and exercises. A super soft outer perforated shorts help provide adequate air circulation.  The brand has the best fabric inner dry tech shorts to keep skin dry and to manage odor and keeping you fresh.  The outer materials are 4-way stretch with mesh.


The invisible waistband provides a smart fit as its elastic and adjustable drawstring gives a proper waist grip.  It is befitting all kinds of vigorous activities and fitted with side seam zip pockets for your valuable—a quality product from an upcoming fashion fitness brand.

Product name: Limitless 2-in-1 Shorts 

Durable and Contemporary Gym Shorts Review: SQUATWOLF Products

The SQUATWOLF Limitless 2-in-1 Shorts are designed with excellence and perfection, an unforgettable feeling of comfort.  It ranks among my best workout shorts to guarantee intense exercises, with no sweat, and odor thanks to the inner dry tech. The dry camo tech inner short manages the sweat keeping you dry all day long.

2-in-1 Dry Technology

The dry tech trick is the brand’s best weapon. The inner fabric is appropriately designed to manage all kinds of moisture and to keep the skin dry. It’s elastic and designed for gym workout activities; the outer short has perforations that keep constant airflow.  

Fabric – 8.5/10

These shorts are made with quality super-soft fabrics, which are light and suitable for intense activities like jumping squatting, running, and many more.  The inner material dries fast, giving a comfortable feeling.

Fit- 10/10 

Limitless 2-in-1 is a perfect fit for performance in every sports field; they are incorporated with dry tech to keep you dry and pockets to keep your valuables safe.  It has a stretchable invisible waistband with cool drawstrings for a secure grip.  A well labeled 3D logo is printed on the lower thigh to give you an identity of pure fashion.  

Product name: Vibe Shorts 

Durable and Contemporary Gym Shorts Review: SQUATWOLF Products

Vibe shorts are a combination of style and comfort; simple looking yet quality shorts for your sports activities.  My first experience gave me a different and relaxed feeling.  The ultra-soft loopback, light and flexible fabric is suited to help you dominate in all kinds of  intense sports activities.

Fabric- 9/10

These shorts have extra soft fabric, a pin tuck finish on the front part, and soft cotton finish to give a perfect sport fit, the short has a triple combination of polyester, cotton, and spandex.  

Fit- 9.5/10

The comfortable Vibe Shorts offer a regular fit with an adjustable waistband for a more secure and customized fit.  The shorts are fitted with reverse zip sides and back pockets. They also have 4-way stretch capabilities with a reasonable knee-length .