Easy Thanksgiving Day Outfit Ideas Using The Basic Pieces

Hello to all my stylish ladies out there! Do you need a helping hand to choose the perfect Thanksgiving Day Outfit? I know that you want to pick an outfit that will keep you warm in this cold November day. But on the other hand, you want it to look sleek and stylish. And I have the perfect outfit ideas that will help you make your choice!

From warm and cozy sweaters, to over-the-knee boots, there are lots of trendy pieces that you can combine. So, revise your wardrobe because I want to show you the best outfits that you can create even with the most basic pieces!

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Elegant Polyvore Combos You Can Wear To Thanksgiving Dinner


Layering your neutral colored pieces will work like magic! This will help you keep it simple, but yet stylish and warm. By keeping your color scheme neutral, you make the layering process a lot simpler. This means that you don’t need to spend much time in creating combinations when working with neutrals. Black, beige, and cream tones are the way to go!

Oversize scarves are your best friend

Whenever you need to add a fall touch to your outfit, oversize scarves are the first thing that you should think of. Add one on top of your outfit . A nice pattern will do it even better. Despite for keeping you warm , it will look super cool as well.

OTK boots+Cardigan

One of the fall classics features combo of your favorite over the knee boots and a cardigan. Although simple, this one looks pretty stunning. If you have no idea on what to wear, this could make the great choice for a Thanksgiving dinner with your family.