Engagement Ring Shopping as a Couple: The Pros and Cons 

Traditionally, a proposal is a complete surprise. The man picks out a ring and presents it to his unsuspecting girlfriend. Sure, they’ve probably discussed marriage by now, but the woman is mostly in the dark. 

These days, it’s becoming more common to shop for an engagement ring as a couple. 

The question is, should you go with your boyfriend? To help you determine if you should shop as a couple, we’ll be covering some of the major pros and cons:

Pro: You’ll Get What You Want

This is perhaps the most compelling perk of shopping together. Because you’ll be right there, he won’t have to do any guessing. 

You’ll get to pick out your dream engagement ring. Getting to choose the gemstone, shape, design, and metal will ensure that you get exactly what you want.  

Con: You Know What the Ring Looks Like

Of course, you’ll know what the ring looks like if you go to together. 

To some women, this isn’t a biggie. Others, however, want to be surprised the night of their engagement.

Looking for a middle ground that lets you get what you want while still preserving the element of surprise? Go window shopping. Jewelers like Larsen Jewellery have obligation-free consultations. You can go to these and show him what you like. Then, he can go back later and pick one that fits your style. 

Pro: It Takes Some of the Pressure off of Him

Picking out a ring is a lot of pressure for a man. He’s probably not familiar with jewelry, and he wants to get one that you’ll love. The cost alone makes it important to get this decision right. 

Con: You’ll Be On-Edge About the Proposal

Once you pick out the ring, it’s just a matter of time before he proposes. 

Will he do it during this fancy, unplanned dinner date? 

Is he going to pop the question while we’re relaxing at home? 

Is he getting down on one knee or just tying his shoe?!?

Some can handle the suspense, while others crack from the anticipation!  

Pro: The Ring Will Fit

Sure, there are ways he can discreetly figure out your size. He may take a look at your other jewelry or ask one of your friends. 

Going to the jeweler with him will take away any uncertainty. By getting measured, you can rest knowing the ring will fit like a glove on the proposal night! 

Con: It May Affect His Budget

If you go with him, the merchant will take advantage of it. He will convince you that you deserve the biggest and best diamond in the store. Your presence may pressure your boyfriend to spend more than he can afford.  

Pro: It’s Fun

Ring shopping is fun; you shouldn’t have to miss out on it! 

Plus, it’s a great activity to do as a couple. You two will get to marvel at the beautiful designs, laugh at the rings you could never afford, and get excited about your future together. 

Con: He Won’t Get to Do It Himself 

There’s just something so romantic about him picking out the ring himself. It’s a way for him to express his love and show him how well he knows you. 

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Have you always dreamed of an unexpected proposal with a ring picked out by your boyfriend? Or, would you rather make this big purchase together?

When deciding whether or not to shop together, it ultimately boils down to your personal preference. Whatever route you go is bound to result in a beautiful proposal (and a beautiful ring!).