Why Every Girl Needs a Blazer

Blazers are useful for all sorts of things. From the workplace to going out for a night on the town, blazers keep it classy. Blazers help us women dress for success and dressing for success is half the battle whether it be for an interview or just to make a general good first impression. Blazers are an authentic power move and look fantastic with almost anything.

Having just one or two blazers in a wardrobe can help complete a multitude of outfits. Any blouse with a blazer over it looks much more professional and put together. Blazers polish looks that would otherwise look unprofessional. Dressing up for work every day can be a complicated part of having an office job and having a blazer can make it easier.
Why Every Girl Needs a Blazer
Transformative Powers

Blazers can cover up clothing that would otherwise be inappropriate, but a blazer is appropriate for all sorts of events, including work. Wearing open backed tops that are very cute from the front view, but inappropriate from the back, is made possible once a blazer is acquired.

Dresses that are the appropriate length for work or meeting your significant other’s parents (hopefully no more than two inches above the knee!) but may have decorative backs or thin straps can be quickly transformed into a first impression outfit with a blazer on top.

Blazers, although they cover up skin, do not take anything away from how beautiful a woman looks. All women look fantastic in blazers.

So Many Shapes and Sizes

Blazers come in so many colors, different tailored styles and lengths, with pockets and without. They have become a staple in women’s wardrobes and especially in women’s wardrobes that are in the workforce. Just having a few simple blazers is enough, and it makes it simple to match them to any outfit, but it is good to know that they come in various types for all of our stylistic choices.

Best Blazers Out There

Theory does make an amazing blazer and Theory can be purchased online, at Bloomingdale’s, Barney’s, Belk, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Ave or at any of their individual stores located throughout the United States. Theory uses many colors that are darker like black, navy and dark brown. They also produce blazers that are edgy and cool for the weekends that have leather accents and zippers.

Aqua, Bloomingdale’s Brand, also makes amazing blazers. They are a little bit less expensive, but they are high-quality. They do not always have as many available, but they are usually spot on.

Everybody Seems to Have One, So Get One If You Haven’t Already!

Blazers are in commercials, TV Shows, movies, on the red carpet and seen in everyday life. They took off as a fashion staple and are featured on runways often. They are simply a multi-use clothing item. Paying a one-time high fee for a super nice, fitted blazer is worth the overall gain and many uses.

Tailored Look

Your blazer, should you choose to buy one or already own one, should be tailored appropriately. If it is pulling at seams or difficult to button (if it has buttons), you should consider buying a larger size and going to a tailor to make it fit better. It is SO much easier to go a lot bigger in size than any smaller.

Having a properly fitted blazer is just as important as having a blazer at all. Just remember they come in all different shapes and sizes, and you should not feel constrained to the first blazer you lay your eyes on- they are everywhere.

And Finally…

If you fall in love at first sight with a blazer, buy the blazer. A good blazer is a girl’s best friend and best asset.




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