Everything You Need To Know About Quinceañera Dresses

Everything You Need To Know About Quinceañera Dresses
Image by: Genessa Panainte

Having a quinceañera is one of the most exciting things for a young lady to go through.  It is an important Latino tradition and milestone, as it is the day that you stop being a little girl, and become a mature young lady. Exciting, right? When it comes to a quinceañera, you want everything to be perfect, be it the food, music, venue, and most importantly, the dress. The dress you choose is crucial as you will remember it for years, even into your golden years. Therefore, it has to be exceptional! Below is a guide on everything you need to know about quinceañera dresses.

What Is A Quinceañera?

A quinceañera is usually a Latino celebration of a girl entering womanhood on her fifteenth birthday. It is traditionally celebrated when one or both parents are of Latino descent. It can either be a formal party or a relaxed one, depending on one’s preference. It traditionally begins with a religious ceremony, then the reception is held at home or in a  banquet hall. There is usually the first dance that is done with the quinceañera’s court. This will comprise of her closest friends, brothers, and sisters. The quinceañera will receive traditional gifts, including tiaras, jewelry, rosaries, bible, scepter, among others. They signify the quinceañera’s coming of age.

When To Start Shopping For Your Quinceañera Dress.

When it comes to shopping for your dress, it is imperative to start early enough. Start at least two months before the ceremony, to have ample time to decide on the best dress for you. Doing it last minute will mess you up as you will not be able to find the perfect dress, and in case of alterations, you might have problems sorting it out before the party. See great choices of Quinceañera dresses in NJ today.

What Colour Should Your Quinceañera Dress Be?

Most quinceañera dresses are traditionally in pink or white. However, over the years, many people are diversing their color choices to yellow, lilac, blue, and even emerald. There is a wide variety to choose from; hence it will depend on your tastes and preferences.

How To Choose The Perfect Quinceañera Dress For You.

Choosing the right dress can be quite overwhelming for anyone. This is because there are many dresses to choose from, based on the clours, material, style, price range, and even material. You have to decide between taffeta, tulle, feathers, ruffles, detachable sections, which can be quite tricky. However, worry, not! Below is a guide on things to consider when searching for the perfect dress for your big day.

• Do Your Research.

When it comes to choosing the perfect quinceañera dress, you have to do extensive research. This is not something that you search online for five minutes and make a decision. You have to take some time since there are thousands of quinceañera dresses online to choose from. You can start with Pinterest to see the amazing designs, and the various dress websites online. You can also physically visit stores to see what they have and if it appeals to you. Doing so will help you narrow down your options to something that you love.

• Style.

There are numerous dress styles available in the market, such as A-line, trumpet, and ballgown. Every girl is different, with different tastes and styles. What appeals to one person may not appeal to another./ Therefore, it is crucial to know what your style is and what appeals to you. Remember that this is your day, and therefore, you need to ensure that you listen to your own voice. If you want a simple and flat tulle dress, go for it! If you, on the other hand, prefer a classic dress that poofs out in a huge skirt, then do it! Do what makes you happy.

• Body Type.

It is crucial to choose your quinceañera dress according to your body type. If you are curvaceous, you may prefer a corset-style bodice with a full skirt. It will give you a flattering look that you will love. If you are also tall and slender, you can try a strapless dress, as it will show off your amazing shoulders. Girls with smaller chests can try sequin dresses while those with a full bust can try out halter bodices. Whatever your body type, know that you are unique and beautiful in your own way.

When buying a quinceañera dress, it is advised to avoid buying them online as it may not fit perfectly, and you do not have the option of trying it out first.  Go physically into different stores, and try out what they have, to have a better feel on how it looks on you. With the above points, you will be able to choose the perfect quinceañera dress that you will remember all through your adult life. Ensure that you also stick to the original budget, to ensure it does not exceed what you had planned for.