Extravagant Gifts For The Family 

The holidays are all about making memories with our loved ones and buying gifts to show how much we treasure them. Gifts don’t always have to be material – experiences over things are becoming a solid movement these days. Still, many people prefer to go the traditional route and purchase something to be waiting under the tree for their family. This year, after two years of unprecedented times, you may be feeling the urge to go extravagant with your gift-giving. If you’re in the generous, giving spirit, this guide is for you!

Extravagant Gifts For The Family 

A New Family Pet 

While it’s a cliche ask, tons of children still ask for a pet for Christmas. While you may already be up to date on the best indoor pets for your kids, you want to consider your family’s home size and the amount of time you have to commit to a new pet. Once you nail that down and decide to purchase a furry (or scaly) friend for the kiddos, make sure you get all the necessary supplies your pet will need before Christmas too! Don’t forget any details from the best food for their dietary needs, healthy litter options (you don’t want a cat UTI one week after Christmas), and tons of toys for the new addition! It should also go without saying that it’s never a good idea to buy a pet for a household that you, yourself, don’t live in – Unless, of course, you explicitly check with the heads of household for which you’re buying!

Jewelry Is Always In Season 

Whether you’re shopping for your husband or wife, everyone loves jewelry. You can go the route of cufflinks or a nice chain for your husband. If you’re shopping for your wife, a beautiful new pair of diamond studs is always sure to please. The great thing about jewelry is they are investment pieces and likely will become heirlooms over time. So in a way, as you give your wife a pearl necklace, you could be giving your daughter one as well – as your spouse will likely pass it down to her. 

Exercise Equipment 

With the past two years having us spend most of our time at home, tons of folks have taken to getting their physical exercise in from the comfort of their own homes. While some workout gear is affordable, like resistance bands and small free weights, there are more significant pieces others might not be keen to splurge on for themselves. A Peloton or bench press is an excellent idea for someone who enjoys a high-intensity workout or is into strength training. Even if the person you shop for likes to keep things lighter, a pilates reformer would be an excellent addition to a home gym for them. 

Subscription Services 

Some might consider it “mundane,” like an Amazon Prime or Netflix subscription; there are plenty of subscription services. But variety is the spice of life, and there are some seriously extravagant services out there that can be delivered to the doorstep of your loved ones. From top-shelf liquor subscriptions to designer clothing, you can be just a few clicks away from signing someone up for a gift that keeps on giving all year long if you go the route of a subscription. 

New Car, Who’s This? 

Maybe your significant other’s vehicle has spent a lot of time in the shop over the last year or two. Perhaps you have a teenager on your list who’s getting ready to test for their driver’s license. Most people would consider a brand new car one of the most expensive gifts you could give someone. But, if it’s within your budget and you want to go all out this year, the gift of a new vehicle is sure to make them cry from joy. Just make sure you get that cliche, giant red bow to have on the hood in the driveway!

Holiday shopping can be a fun but also stressful experience. If you’re going the route of swoon-worthy extravagant gift-giving this year, hopefully, this guide makes things easier for you. That way, you can spare yourself the stress and enjoy the season for how magical and memorable it’s meant to be. Happy Shopping!