Fashionable Items You Can Wear From Your Boyfriend’s Closet

Boyfriends aren’t necessary, but you have to admit they’re useful—loving you through the good times and the bad, carrying your shopping, buying you shiny new things on your birthday, telling you your outfit looks gorgeous, and occasionally, contributing to making your outfits look gorgeous.

(Clearly, one of these items stick out like an odd sock in a drawer.)

Kidding aside, here are 10 fashion items to steal from your boyfriend’s closet, and how to wear his clothes even better than he does!

1. His T-shirts

Raid your man’s closet for all those nerd, band, and graphic shirts he likes to wear when he’s too lazy to get dressed up. What’s got to be the simplest item he owns can be your go-to piece for looking edgy yet laid back at the same time.

WEAR HIS LIKE HERS: Channel a rock star on her day off!  Roll with his shirt with the sleeves folded up a couple of times, skinny jeans—the more distressed, the better—and high-cut boots or Chuck Taylors.

2. His button-downs

Who can forget Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, rocking Brad Pitt’s white button-down as she puttered around making coffee the morning after they destroyed their own kitchen in a night of passion? That scene has reigned as the quintessential Steal Your Boyfriend’s Clothes moment since 2005.

WEAR HIS LIKE HERS: For taller girls, tie the ends of your boy’s button-down around your middle and wear with teensy shorts to keep eyes on your long torso and legs. If you’re petite, wear one of his more casual button-downs with a belt round your waist, and transform it into a short dress.

3. His sweaters

For some reason, guys’ hoodies and sweaters are just 100% comfier than girls’. It’s probably due to a combination of heavier fabric, the fact that men’s jackets aren’t cut to cling to your every curve, and that earthy, comforting guy smell.

WEAR HIS LIKE HERS: If he’s got a slouchy sweater, you can layer that over one of your own button-downs and rock a look that’s part fashion statement, part hug.

4. His statement jackets

While denim and leather jackets in women’s sizes and styles can be utterly sexy, borrowing the same items in a man’s cut turns the grunge factor up twenty notches.

WEAR HIS LIKE HERS: Wear with combat boots and jeans to visually tell everyone on the street that you’re not taking any crap today (catcallers will get a swift punch in the face!) For less aggressive days, pair your man’s macho jacket with one of your fancier skirts or dresses for a chill yet chic feel.

5. His ties

Sometimes the best way to get a preppy outfit to really fly is by setting it off with a tie. While classic, broad neckties might overwhelm your chest, skinny ties and bow ties will add just the right dash of debonair to your vibe.

WEAR HIS LIKE HERS: If you’re gunning for serious and professional, wear his tie with one of your own tailored suits for a sharp, androgynous look. Otherwise, if you’re feeling flirty, loosen the tie around the collar of a white shirt and match with an above-the-knee skirt for a casual schoolgirl feel.

6. His watches

There’s a reason why the oversized watch trend was such a hit—chunky, commanding watch faces laid over women’s delicate wrists pack such a statement. But if you don’t feel the need to invest in a huge watch of your own for the long run, think about just borrowing your boyfriend’s when necessity rolls around!

WEAR HIS LIKE HERS: Layer his thick watch with thinner bracelets and bangles of matching material—steel and silver, gold with gold, leather paired with similarly handmade or naturally occurring materials. Make sure to roll your sleeves up so people can see your timepiece (and so you can actually see the time)!

7. His accessories

There’s something more substantial about male jewelry. Their necklace chains are thicker, their bracelets are wider, and their bling just exudes boldness, compared to the delicate, dainty trinkets we girls wear. And hey, if you were looking for a subtle way to tell people that you’re off the market, put his ring on it!

WEAR HIS LIKE HERS: Just like with his watch, incorporate his leather cuffs, surfer bracelets, and bling into your look by cleverly layering with similar accessories of your own. If you want to feature his eye-catching pendant in your look, wear a top in a dark solid color and an unobtrusive neckline.

8. His jeans

Boyfriend jeans were named after the practice of women stealing their boyfriend’s jeans and wearing them better. Of course, we independent girls can always just pop into the nearest Forever 21 and get a pair of our own sans male counterpart but if you’ve got a man whose closet es su closet, why not take advantage of the fact?

WEAR HIS LIKE HERS: Pants cut for a man’s body will be markedly baggy around your lower half, so balance out the look with fitted tops. You’ll also likely be rolling up the pant legs up, which will draw attention to your ankles and give you the perfect chance to show off eye-catching footwear.

9. His hats

If you’re part of the population that still wears hats, the fedora is a staple.. On another day, you can put together an outfit consisting entirely of his clothing items listed above and top it off with his fedora. But hey, if your man’s got other headgear in stock, those are fair game too.

WEAR HIS LIKE HERS: Baseball caps aren’t high fashion, but who needs high fashion when you’re just hanging out with his friends? Thread your ponytail through the hole in the back and wear his team’s cap with a sporty sweater, jeans, and your best kicks, and get ready to be just one of the boys!

10. His bags

Don’t you wish every guy was as confident in his masculinity enough to carry an honest-to-goodness clutch as Terry Crews? So if you’re lucky enough to snag a guy who still uses bags instead of asking to stick his phone and wallet in your purse whenever you go out, it might be a good idea not to steal the bags–just borrow them!

WEAR HIS LIKE HERS: Neither you nor your man should overlook your choice of bag as a crucial part of your outfit. His sturdy briefcase will add a no-nonsense touch to your business attire, his leather messenger bag will give your casual outfits a posh touch, and that backpack of his with the innumerable pockets will be useful while lending you a rugged feel.



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