Feeling Confident With Brace: Tips and Tricks for Adults

It is becoming increasingly more common for adults to straighten their teeth with braces. Some people couldn’t afford orthodontic treatment when they were kids, while other adults need braces again because their teeth moved back. If you are an adult with braces, do not worry. You can feel confident no matter what your mouth looks like. Check out these top tips.

1. Look for alternatives to traditional braces.

When most people think about adult braces, they picture metal wires, rubber bands, and clunky retainers that make it hard to speak or smile. Technology continues to improve and most people don’t need extreme orthodontic treatment like that.

Talk to your orthodontist about alternatives, like clear braces that you can remove. Many of these alternatives are covered under your insurance for braces so you won’t have to pay much more. You can remove these clear aligners if you have an important event, like a wedding, job interview, or first date.

Feeling Confident With Brace: Tips and Tricks for Adults

2. Treat yourself before a big event.

The problem with adult braces is that you don’t want them to be the first thing people notice. You want to be known for your hairstyle or fashion sense, not crooked teeth. Before you go to an event or a situation where you will meet new people, treat yourself so you feel good and look good. Pick up that petite dress you’ve had your eye on or visit the salon for a blow-out. Your confidence will shine through no matter what your braces look like.

3. Try out different makeup routines.

If you’re worried that people will focus on your braces and wires instead of the rest of your face, try a few makeup tricks to draw their eyes to different locations. For example, contouring can bring out your eyes and hide other parts of your face you don’t like. The right mascara and eyeshadow can brighten your eyes and make them look larger. Plus, this new makeup will boost your inner confidence along with outer beauty. Along with updating your makeup, try out a new hairstyle or dramatic color that draws attention away from your face. Even a fun hat or fastener can serve as a conversation starter!

Even a new shade of lipstick can do wonders for your smile and make you feel good about your mouth — even with adult braces on your teeth.

4. Practice smiling in the mirror.

Adult braces can change how you smile. You might notice that you keep your mouth closed in photos, which makes you appear serious or tight-lipped. If you want to look natural and happy when you smile, practice in the mirror. Learn how your mouth looks in different positions and with different shades of lipstick. You might find a way to open your mouth without showing your adult braces or add a cute pucker that makes your closed mouth look cute and mischievous.

Having a well-practiced smile will make you feel better when the cameras start flashing.

5. Know that everyone has their insecurities.

Even as adults, most people feel insecure about certain parts of their bodies. Maybe a close friend doesn’t like her current hairstyle while another acquaintance is struggling with confidence in their body weight. While you might feel nervous wearing adult braces, everyone else is likely feeling the same way.

Owning up to your flaws and insecurities can help you shed your nerves about them. No one is perfect, no matter how hard everyone tries to be.

If your self-confidence has taken a hit because of your adult braces, remember that they are only temporary. Within a year or two you can have beautiful, straight teeth and this whole orthodontic process will be worth it.