Floral Isn’t Just for Summer! 15 Ways to Rock It This Fall

Hey my beautiful ladies! As you already know, floral print is perfect in the spring and summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show off your flower power once temperatures have dropped. However, sporting fall florals is a different endeavor than dressing in playful summer prints featuring flowers. But, by the end of this post you ladies are going to be experts on how to style this print for fall!

Here are a few tips to help you get the perfect fall floral look.

  • If you dare to wear floral print in the fall, it better not be neon, pastel, or otherwise seasonally unsuitable. Look for print in muted, fall colors, such as navy, mustard yellow, burnt oranges, hunter green, plum, and oxblood.
  • Floral print is perfect for any clothing piece! There are no limits to what you can wear that’s floral print. Jackets, tops, pants, skirt, dresses – this print looks appropriate for all your closet must haves. If you are living in an area that is still hot outside, wearing a dark floral print on a dress is the perfect way to wear a fall inspired outfit while still remaining weather appropriate.
  • If wearing flowery clothing is a bit too bold for your taste, opt for an accessory in a floral print. It’s definitely more subtle, but still makes a statement.
  • Remember that layering is key. Layering comes into play as both a fashionable and function technique. By incorporating a floral piece into your layers, you get that fun dash of pattern. But stick with one floral piece of clothing in your ensemble so the outfit doesn’t look too busy. If you choose a floral bottom, opt for a solid colored top. This lets the one piece take center stage without creating an overwhelming look.

Check out the pictures below that can be your inspiration of how to wear the floral print this fall.

Floral Isnt Just for Summer! 15 Ways to Rock It This Fall

Photo via: theivorylane.com

Floral Isnt Just for Summer! 15 Ways to Rock It This Fall

Photo via: galmeetsglam.com

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