Hair transplants for women

Hair transplantation surgery is an option for some women, and is thus not a procedure that is only done for men.  Although many more men undergo hair transplantation, there are some women who are able to have a successful outcome from hair transplantation surgery.

There are only certain circumstances under which the hair implantation procedures will work for women. Women can experience thinning hair but often do so differently to men which means that not all women can easily fix the problem with hair implantation procedures.

For instance, hair implantation surgery does often work for women who have hair loss as a result of what is called traction alopecia.

This is when the hair has been lost due to a physical force, such as can happen if the woman has worn her hair in a tight ponytail or pigtail. This has the effect of putting a strong pulling force on the hair which weakens it and can cause the hair to fall out.

Certain hair weaves and braids can also cause traction alopecia, and if a person never cuts their hair then the weight of the hair also has a pulling effect on follicles.

Overuse of chemicals such as hair relaxers and dyes can also cause damage to the hair and loss of hair. These substances are harsh chemicals, which over time can have a devastating effect on hair causing the hair follicles to thin and to be lost altogether.

Alopecia marginal is hair loss at the temples and hairline of the woman that can also be due to physical trauma or pulling of the hair by the wearing of tight braids and ponytails.

There are also women who may have hair loss due to a physical trauma such as a burn or prior surgical procedures.  

The important thing is that the woman has to have some hair that is dense enough that it can be harvested for the hair grafts. If all of a woman’s hair is too thin then a transplant may not be feasible, but this is why the woman should contact an expert to find out what options she has.

Hair transplant procedures for women

One of the most popular methods for hair transplants for women is the FUE procedure. There are many clinics in Turkey that do perform the procedure for women. For example, the Vera Clinic in Istanbul has this option for women who have hair loss.

It does depend on the cause of the hair loss, again, as to whether or not you would be a suitable candidate for the FUE procedure.

A woman has to have a region of the head with dense enough hair to allow for hair follicles to be removed for transplantation into the region of the scalp where the hair has been lost.

Experts at hair loss clinics can provide good guidance on if you are somebody that the procedure is likely to work for or not.  

Women often have thinning hair due to hormones, which does not always make them a good candidate for the procedure.