Butterfly Dreams – Spring/Summer 2015 Collection by Hannibal Laguna

Hey my beautiful ladies!

In this post I will present you the new Spring/Summer 2015 Collection by Hannibal Laguna which is called Butterfly Dreams. The fascinating world of butterflies, their striking colours, their ephemeral existence and the feminine qualities they represent were the inspiration which Hannibal needed to create this lightweight and delicate collection. In the Butterfly Dreams collection Hannibal has combined ethereal volumes and elements, sustained textures and other extremely light materials. The dresses are worked over inner bustiers, with the fabric being hung directly over the mannequin, replete with poetic interpretations of the sinuous flight of the butterfly. The embroidery has been created with minuscule silk cord, creating reticulated designs rich in contrast. The skirts, with their bell-shaped silhouettes, have been cut individually on the cross layer by layer, based on a laborious study of the textiles and featuring floral motifs produced by means of laser-openwork. As for the colors, the designer has used vibrant hues of red, orange, yellow, violet and combinations thereof.

At the pictures below you can see all dresses from the Butterfly Dreams – Spring/Summer 2015 Collection by Hannibal. Enjoy and stay up for more next time!