Helpful Tips For Wearing Your Statement Necklace

Hello, my lovely ladies! It is time for some really helpful fashion tips only for you. And today, I will bring you some tips for styling your statement necklace. We know that this is a very important thing that every woman needs to have in her jewelry box. It can really transform even the most basic looks into stylish outfits. But, it is very important how you wear it. Statement necklaces are large and bold, which means that you should be careful when incorporating them into an outfit. I prepared some tips that you will find helpful, so let’s get started!


If you love to wear V-necks, then you know that it needs some accessorizing. There is no better solution for this than a beautiful necklace that follows the shape of the neckline. The bib-necklaces will be a perfect fit for these outfits.

Wear With Shirts

You don’t have to have an exposed neckline in order to wear a big necklace. It can work with a buttoned-up shirt as well. For the ultimate office look, add an accent necklace over the collar. This will bring your look to a higher level.

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Accessorize A Basic Tee

Outstanding statement necklaces will work miracles even for a basic tee. This can transform your day outfit into a night one.


What color of jewelry should you incorporate in your outfit? Follow the color scheme of your outfit for the best impressions. Crystal necklaces will add depth to any simple outfit. Pearl necklaces can be an awesome match with anything.

Pair With other Jewelry

Statement necklaces are meant to be the centerpiece of your outfit. This means that you should not pair with other large accessories. Stud earrings or a ring will do the trick.

When Not To Wear Statement Necklace

Although this is a piece that can do wonders for your outfit, there are certain cases when you should leave this idea behind. For example, if your top is already decorated with some kind of embellishment or lace you don’t need to add a necklace.