How To Choose The Right Boots For Your Toddler

Children’s feet are delicate and must be protected from bad weather at all costs. Rain and snow can be very unfriendly, and sometimes what you think are the best pairs of boots for your little one may not be of such excellent service. Sometimes the cold may seep right through them, or they may crack in the burst of so much excitement, or they may just be uncomfortable. It is, therefore, essential to make careful considerations when shopping for a pair for your toddler. Here are some steps to take to make sure that you get the perfect pair:


It is important to insist on getting the perfect fit. If the toddler boots are too tight, the child will barely walk five feet without a blister. If they are too big, they can easily slip out or let snow and moisture in.

There are some sizing charts available online, and you can simply download the one that suits you most, print it on the specified paper size, and accurately measure the size of your toddler’s foot. This way, you will be sure of the size when you buy the boots.


Getting the measurements for the foot is not enough. Sometimes you may get the size you are looking for only to realize that they don’t fit the toddler as well as you thought they would.

Once you pick out the boot and fit it, try bringing the toddler’s toes as close to the front of the boot as you can without bending them. Check the space between their heel and the back of the boot and make sure it is at least a finger’s width.

This extra space is necessary to allow free movement, to ensure that it will still fit with socks and also to create space for growth. It is estimated that a child’s foot grows by at least half a size every three months or so.


This basically refers to the amount of warmth that the boot is likely to contain depending on the anticipated amount of movement. Remember that movement produces heat, so you don’t want to pick a boot that will roast your toddler’s feet when they go jumping around. Luckily, however, toddlers move a lot less than older children, which is why you should pick a warmer boot, mainly if it is meant for the winter.

As you go about it, remember that very warm boots make the feet sweat which not only makes them uncomfortable but also cold.

While you are shopping for your toddler’s shoes, you could also look out for special features such as reflective bindings that allow them to be noticed in the dark. This is a necessary safety measure, especially if you live near the roads. Also, be sure to check the quality of the material used to make the boots. Some are very strong and stay water-resistant while insulating the child’s feet, and others weaken in just weeks.