How To Create Your Custom Tattoo

You’re going to have that tattoo on your body for life, so you might as well get a custom one. After all, tattoos are all about expressing your individuality. 

The days of copying another person’s exact tattoo are long gone, and tattoo artists Sydney are willing to support you in bringing your original idea to life. You can shop custom temporary tattoos and add beautiful art to any part of your body easily.

How To Create Your Custom Tattoo

Here’s how you can create your custom tattoo:


Your custom tattoo will be even more special and unique if the symbol or picture holds some significance to you. 

For example, it might be your zodiac sign, favorite flower, birthdate, loved one’s portrait, favorite animal, or favorite inspirational quote.

Search for Designs

Maybe you’re not exactly sure what tattoo you want and need a bit of inspiration. Searching for designs online will help you come up with ideas for your tattoo. 

A quick google search will bring you a variety of ideas to build on. You can also check magazines and art books for inspiration.

Sketch Your Idea

After searching for designs, you may need to combine different elements to create your unique design. 

If you attended a few art lessons in school (or you’re good at art), you might be able to sketch your idea on paper. This will make it even easier for the tattoo artist to create a final design for your approval.

Create an Idea Board

Cut out the different pictures and illustrations from the magazines and artbooks. Stick them on a board that you can hang up and look at often so that your dream tattoo idea can come to life. 

Looking at them gives you a good idea about which tattoo you’ll go for and how it will look on you.

Write Down Ideas

So you have a couple of design ideas, but you can’t sketch to save your life, or you’re confused on how to combine them to create a meaningful and attractive design. Simply write down your ideas on a notepad. 

You can center them around specific themes like animals or flowers, etc., so that it’s easier to create a final design. Write as many as you can so that you can easily eliminate what you don’t want.

Don’t Rush

Getting permanently inked is not a decision you make impulsively. You need to think long and hard whether that’s the tattoo you want. Ask yourself questions like: I’m I making an emotional decision? Will I still be interested in this 20 years down the line? Your tattoo should not only be meaningful in the moment but timeless too.

Start With a Temporary One

Before you make a permanent decision, how about giving your tattoo a test drive? Get a temporary tattoo first – they are usually done with henna dye. 

There won’t be needles involved, so you don’t have to go through that twice. A temporary tattoo gives you a chance to decide whether that’s the tattoo you want and where you want it.

Find a Tatoo Artist

A professional tattoo artist should be easy to find. A simple search online will lead you to a myriad of tattoo artists. They should be licensed and working legally. 

The last thing you want is to have a so-called amateur artist sticking needles in your skin for a permanent nightmare of a tattoo. List down all the artists to visit in your area.

Explain Your Vision

Set up appointments with the tattoo artists you’ve found and visit or call up each of them. Not all artists will understand or be willing to work with your vision. 

Only work with one who listens and understands what you want. Don’t feel pressured to get a tattoo you’re not comfortable with. This is your body, after all. 

Final Word

Now that you know how easy it is to create your custom tattoo, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with professional tattoo artists in Sydney to make your dream a reality. Your unique tattoo will make you stand out from the crowd.