How to Dress Jeans for Any Occasion

Denim is a great material that is hardwearing, classic, and can be dressed up or down. It can be worn in winter, in summer, for a date night, for a lounge night. It can be worn successfully in so many different situations. 

Invest in the Right Denim 

That is why investing in quality denim that fits you perfectly as it is meant to is so important. There are so many different kinds of denim, but the three types that you should have in your closet are: 

Black Denim 

Black pants are an absolute staple piece when it comes to any wardrobe, but the material matters. Linen and wool creases and chinos can lack in flexibility. Black denim, on the other hand, offers a versatile staple that can be worn on a date just as easily as it could be worn on a lazy Sunday. 

Dark Navy Denim 

Navy is another classic color that everyone should have in their wardrobes. Like black, it is flattering and timeless. 

Distressed Denim 

Distressed denim, light denim, or other fun textured denim can also really add to your wardrobe. You can even dress distressed denim up if you wear a style basic like an oversized sweater and pair it with black pumps you can rule the streets just as easily as you can make a statement at a semi-formal event. 

Generally speaking, there is no right or wrong style for your denim. If you love the shape of your legs, you can show them off with a straight or skinny cut. If you want to look taller, you can opt for high waist, or if you want to look elegant and comfortable, you can choose a wide leg. The important thing when choosing the shape is that it suits your body and is something you feel confident wearing. 

How to Dress Up Your Denim 

To dress up your denim, you merely need to pair it with elegant accessories. Though you won’t likely be able to get away with denim at a black-tie event, you will everywhere else. Dress shoes of any kind can immediately dress up denim, especially if your top follows suit. A classic button-down shirt or silk blouse will work wonderfully. 

How to Layer Your Denim 

Denim is a great choice when it comes to layering. You can put on thermal tights underneath and have a slim and yet toasty look. Wear a floaty dress over the top and you can reimagine your summer wear for winter. Go for a longline, feminine look with navy jeans, a winter floral dress, a bulky camel sweater, and then tie it all together with a reimagined trench from Trench London

Fashion Staples That Suit Denim Wonderfully 

Some fashion staples to consider pairing your denim with: 


  • The Breton Top 


  • The Trench Coat
  • The Oversized Sweater
  • The White T-Shirt
  • The Silk Blouse



Denim is something everyone needs to have in their wardrobe. The specific shade and shape are up to you, but make sure to invest in quality. Well fitted jeans are invaluable to your wardrobe, so invest in finding the perfect pair.