How to Explore The Perfect Jockstrap

Although a sexy strap has been a firm favorite in the erotic gay scene for quite some time, did you know the jockstrap has actually been around since 1874 as an athletic supporter? Since then its fast developed a life of its own . . . finding itself the lead role against a number of saucy backdrops. Sport fetish, locker-room, high school coach fantasies . . . . the list continues. It’s safe to say the jockstrap has been successfully reinvented far beyond its practical purposes and entirely for our pleasure.

How to Explore The Perfect Jockstrap

If you have ever been curious, there has never been a better time to try as today there are endless options available out there and endless possibilities.

Wear a jockstrap under your suit as a sexy secret, on a night out for kicks, when

its hot out and you feel like some extra ventilation… the point is you can try a jockstrap for just about any occasion, you don’t really need an excuse anymore. 

How to do the Jockstrap

You’ve come this far . .  . so now what?

Congratulations! I’d like to start by congratulating you and welcoming you to the club. Feeling confused where to go from here? 

First things first. Try it on. 

How does it feel?

Or more to the point, how does it make you feel?

For some, a feeling of empowerment.

Others . .  .sexy as hell.

However, some might describe their jockstrap experience as a bit too . .  .

 Open? Out There?

Totally fine to feel that way too. Unless you try it for yourself, you’ll never know!

Buying your Jockstrap

Judge the waistband and bulge pocket accordingly, these are typically sold from XS-XXL. 

After you measure yourself properly, cross-check with the size chart provided next to every product description on the product page. There are many stores that do not allow try-on options due to hygiene issues hence; you need to be very careful while buying this athletic apparel style.

It is important to make the right decision here, a wrong size will leave you a painful experience and harm the manhood as well. If the apparel is too tight, these can be uncomfortable and also cause cramping around the waist and groin area causing problems like chafing, jock itch, crotch rot and more.

Next step – try wearing your jockstrap around the house.

How to wear your Jockstrap

If you’re going to pull off a jockstrap wear it any way you like, but the most important thing to remember is to wear it with confidence.

When women wear lingerie, they flaunt it with style and savviness. The jockstrap is one of those few items that men keep solely for themselves. The men’s Jockstrap cannot be worn by anyone else but a man, we, therefore, owe it to this understated undergarment to do it the justice it deserves.

When anything is worn with the right attitude and personality, it can look like a second skin. 

Don’t be coy

Nothing wrong with just wanting a bit of kink, certainly nothing wrong with getting a jockstrap just so you an show off a great butt either. An erotic jockstrap looks great because it is revealing. If you feel shy flaunting the whole look, try it under loose shorts until you get used to how it feels.

Don’t compromise on quality

You want to wear your jockstrap again, and again and then some! (preferably) . So why skimp on comfort and quality?

This is not the time to jump to the cheapest price if properly bought a jockstrap will fit great, be very durable, and last long. It’s an intimate item of clothing after all, material and fit are everything.

To explore what’s right for you throughout a range of men’s jockstraps why not check out Timoteo. They have a variety of different styles and colours for the discerning buyer, who wants comfort, style and great fit.