How to Find the Right Cowboy Hat | Find the Perfect Hat for Your Face Shape

For the true westerner, a nice cowboy hat is a necessity. The cowboy hat as we know it today developed from the first Mexican cowboys, who herded cattle while wearing wide-brimmed, high-crowned hats. The cowboy hat was created to protect working cattlemen from the scorching heat of the western sun. Cowboy hats are now used for a variety of events, from special occasions to a long day’s labour. Wearing a cowboy hat is usually a smart idea.

How to Find the Right Cowboy Hat | Find the Perfect Hat for Your Face Shape

Whether it’s your first or hundredth hat purchase, you may be one of the many people who find it difficult to choose the ideal hat for their personality. There are just so many to choose from! We are here for your rescue. In this article, we will help you choose the right cowboy hat that compliments your face shape. Let’s dive into it!

Oval Face Shape-

The oval face shape is longer than it is wider, with a narrower jaw than the cheekbones. You’re in luck if you have an oval-shaped face. Almost any crown and brim combination will look good on you. Simply keep to your personality type and start with a taller crown and at least a medium brim, and the world is your oyster.

Round Face Shape-

A broad hairline and fullness below the cheekbones define the round face form. A tall crown and a tilting brim will look awesome on people with rounder faces. Asymmetrical forms might help balance out your symmetrical face. However, wide brims and rounded crowns should be avoided.

Long Face Shape-

This facial shape is distinguished by a long and thin bone structure. Wear a cowboy hat that is neither too short nor too tall if you have a long and thin face since it will accentuate the length of your face. A modest crown height that rests low on the brow would suffice. Avoid narrow or flat brims, which draw attention to your lengthy lines, and instead go for a curved, broad brim.

Square Face Shape-

A broad hairline and jawline define the square face form. A wide brim complements a square jawline, broad forehead, and powerful cheekbones. Rounded cowboy hats with curving brims serve to balance your powerful jaw. A floppy cowboy hat with a soft brim also works well with a boxy facial shape. Cowboy hats with sharp creases and slashes should be avoided at all costs.

Heart Face Shape-

This facial shape has a larger forehead and a narrower chin. The attractive heart-shaped face has a big forehead, broad cheekbones, and a pointed chin. A tiny to medium brim will help to balance out the breadth of your brow. A “Winslow” crown form will also complement your appearance. Cowboy hats with wide brims should be avoided since they draw attention to your broad brow.

Diamond Face Shape-

The diamond face shape is distinguished by a thin chin and forehead, as well as broad cheekbones. If your face is angular and broadest at the cheekbones, but you have a small forehead and narrow jaw, you should enlarge those features. Try a hat with a moderate to the wide brim and a shallow crown to allow the hat to be worn further back on the head. Floppy hats should be avoided because they will abbreviate your face and create strange shadows on your angular features.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of what we say, the final verdict is yours. Finding the appropriate cowboy hat is all about your confidence and how much you like the way you look when you’re wearing it. Comfort and confidence are important factors to consider while choosing the perfect hat for your face shape. Finally, if you feel good wearing it, it’s probably the right hat for you.