How to Look Chic in a Turtleneck Sweater

Hey my beautiful ladies! As you already know turtleneck sweaters fall under the category of trickier tops to wear. After all, up until recently, they had a misguided reputation for being frumpy and unflattering. However, when styled right, this chilly-weather essential wardrobe piece can actually transform your ensemble and make you look incredibly chic.

So, how to wear these statement turtleneck sweaters this season? Well, use your imagination and get some inspiration from the street looks. You can wear them as dresses over skinnies, team them with your flirty mini skirts and pair them with over-the-knee boots or sexy heels. If you want more casual look, then I recommend to try your hair tucked in a big chunky sweater worn underneath leather jacket and paired with cool skinny jeans. Turtleneck sweaters come in literally any shape, size, and color that you can imagine, making them super easy to incorporate into your existing wardrobe. And not only they will keep your neck area warm but they will give you a blank palette to show off your jewelry.

Here are my tips for looking your best in a turtleneck sweater:

If you have a wide and/or round face – Pull your hair up in a ponytail or add volume on the crown of your head. You can also/or wear a pair of long earrings or a long necklace to visually slim down your face shape.

If you have a short neck – Both dark colors and neutrals similar to your skin tone can help slim and elongate your neck. I recommend you to wear your hair in an up-do to avoid creating a wide “brick” proportion between your head and shoulder. You can also try other types of turtlenecks such as cowl and mock neck – as they reveal more skin and make it look longer. Other ways to create an illusion of a longer neck is to wear a long necklace that forms a deep V-shape below your chin or wear a cardigan or unzipped vest.

But, before you decide how you’re going to rock your turtleneck sweater, check out the street style looks below. You never know – you might be inspired to wear one every single day.

How to Look Chic in a Turtleneck Sweater

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