How to Pull Off Pastels this Summer 

From jeans to jumpsuits and back again, pastels seem to be all the rage this summer – and it’s easy to see why. Cool and classy, pale shades can add effortless chic to any outfit, making it an ideal choice for your seasonal wardrobes. So, just which colours are in? And how can we incorporate them into our look? 

Why not pull off pastels this August by following our guide? 

Go Minty Fresh 

Ah, mint green – it can freshen up practically any ensemble. Equally, it’s widely thought to boost our sense of calm, whether it’s on a wall or our wellies. And what’s more, it tends to exude elegance. With this in mind, why don’t you select a party dress in this shade? You can amplify its zest with a pair of black or dark blue wedges or heels. Alternatively, you could keep up the tranquil vibes by accompanying it with other pastels, like lilac and limoncello. 

Wind Down in Light Blue 

Need a way to both look and feel cooler this summer? Well, look no further than a soft light blue shade. Aside from being one of the key colours this season, it’s also believed that it can help us to feel more serene. 

So, if you’ve struggling to unwind during these hot August nights, you may want to invest in calming lounge wear. Opt for a pale blue nightgown, and you’ll be able to stay on trend and relax more easily this summer without even trying. 

Fall in Love with Lilac 

Arguably the ultimate pastel shade, lilac has undergone somewhat of a transformation this season. While it used to be considered a girly colour, it’s now being worn in a variety of ways, particularly for business wear. Yes, really! It’s been used to colour an array of smart garments this season, from blazers, to two-pieces and shirts. 

So, if you’re looking to brighten up your work wardrobe, this subtle shade could hold the solution. You can go smart casual with a lilac shirt and deep blue jeans, for example. Or how about personalising your outfit by wearing a casual t-shirt with a formal two-piece? 

Follow the (pale) Rainbow 

Stuck on which colour to choose? If so, why not wear the whole rainbow? Also, whoever said it has to be bright? Enjoy this spectrum of shades at a softer level by opting for pale rainbow clothes. Though you may not think it, there’s plenty on the market this season, including dresses with big vertical stripes and strappy sandals. 

Given its visual impact, you’ll likely only need one multi-coloured item to liven up your outfit. You could even get away with just buying a simple pair of pale rainbow socks, before accompanying them with trainers and a pinafore, or even just a pair of jeans and t-shirt. For a flashier look, why don’t you invest in a long summer dress? 

Cool and calming, pastel shades can enhance any ensemble. Which best reflects your style? And how will you wear it?